Good Cooking

I got engaged this year with a Chinese girl who meets the sweet name of Li Cai Beyond being the most amazing girlfriend on the market, Cai Li boasts an exceptional atavism cordon bleu, his father is restaurateur.

Overall, we wanted to produce, shoot, edit, and distribute (so very friendly and free) a short film on digital video, which, in addition to demonstrating his culinary skills, she communicates her expertise with amateurs speaking Chinese cuisine (the film is subtitled in French).

Forget the kitchen offer Chinese restaurants in France: it is completely sanitized, industrialized Western formatted flavors, and there found nothing fragrances, colors and flavors of authentic Chinese cuisine, culinary and family. A true Chinese meal does not begin with an aperitif flavored with lichees and does not end with a coffee and sake (who is not Chinese, but Japanese) on the house, drank a tiny cup which the bottom plate conceals the antediluvian an Asian éfeuillée and visible through a magnifying lens.

This short film, which lasts a quarter of an hour, is aimed at travelers in thought or deed, curious, dreamers, lovers of authenticity, those wishing to explore, but also to discover and cook a true Chinese family meals.

These greedy exotic there be reassured:

– The selected dishes, although entirely Chinese, were chosen firstly for their simplicity of design, and secondly, to ease the experimenters have to buy the ingredients in any supermarket in the West.

– The film list all the ingredients and utensils used, and details the process for each of the four dishes. Follow the instructions and you’ll see it’s stupid as a cabbage.

– What volunteers can rest assured that the film is treated lightly, nor academic or boring. In short, ideal for both lovers of fun chemistry that aficionados a bit lazy exoticism.

– The film is divided into three parts, faster to download a single file, and also better.

For the fans … And Bon Appetit!


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