CHinese Friend

st evening, Cai Li was connected to the Internet to chat with her friends, while I flemmardais on the bed, bubbled without conviction before a little dramatic appearance of aliens, through an American film science fiction with interest as fictional as the theme.

As Cai Li does not know care alone, and that my physical presence is not enough, she used child interrupting me every five minutes, whatever I do. She had started to bother me because it was unable to reach a website. The browser window displayed consistently, Mandarin, an end of inadmissibility, as “unable to display the requested page.” Cai Li and wondering what was happening. It was Hotmail site that even if American origin makes subversive essence, the Chinese government has not closed access.

I have therefore said that I did not understand, because in normal times, the Chinese authorities allowed access to Hotmail. And there it was not well understood. How does “allow access”? Because they can not access any Internet? I stayed as two round side: like, certainly, the quasitotalité Chinese, she does not know that his benevolent selective openness, the Chinese Communist Party denies access to certain websites whose content is not in agreement with his ideas.

Cai Li and blowing with confidence, making me understand by this that the poor laowai pout that I should relax, rather than keep this constant paranoia and conspiracy theories bigbrotheriennes. Of course, she did not know what she meant, and I was fucking pissed off immediately to see and laugh at my openness about what is happening in China, with the only weapon the innocence furious that the authorities instilled from an early age.

So I dropped my film alien invasion, with the goal of returning Cai Li on Earth.

I started to talk to Amnesty International. She did not know the existence of this organization … Because the government keeps quiet. She more or less understood, the balance of my explanations, the role of Amesty International, and when I showed him two minutes later, it was impossible to access the official website via his PC, it ‘s is found any surprises. Then she asked me why, and I told him it was not the policy of the Chinese government to allow free access to all information. To preserve the unity of the country, it was necessary that the government is the only one to disclose, in the sorting, and manipulating the way of interest, so that the people continue to move forward with the same beliefs about à-vis the government in power.

Moreover, the few times I was able to access information from Amnesty International, the brief display give the red card to China on respect for human rights, as it described the horrors of power place.

Cai Li did not know beforehand Amnesty International, and I really felt that, despite my insistence to get him to admit the reality of things, it was only moderately satisfied. In his mind, he still had to be a cultural difference between Chinese and foreigners, and it should be seen as a truth that is the result of cleavage of nationality. Roughly speaking, I was not Chinese, so I do not know what I was talking about. As she did not know Amnesty International, a priori nobody should know.


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