Yes OR No….?!

When you live so long abroad, not always easy to follow the news of his country. Yet there are subjects that is hard to miss, even if there is better pay close attention: the latest, everyone will understand, respect the referendum is to result in a resounding NO.

It is through the small window on my computer that I could follow as much as possible animated debate in France in recent times about the referendum on the ratification of the European Constitution. With that China 6 hours time difference with Paris, of course I did not wait for the first estimates (4am with me anyway …), and this morning, perhaps even faster than usual I préciptée on my computer when I wake up (how does a little geek on the edges?). The day started badly …
Far from wanting to get into a political debate that would not alter the fact of living abroad in the midst of a population very different from Europe, not only geographically, makes us realize the necessity of the existence of a “European force” consistent, which may have arisen from the European Constitution.
We already citizens of Europe, it is not always that easy to clear the space between the Shengen, the Eurozone, the EU-15 increasing to 25 and how soon? So for Chinese …
Number of subjects of international emerging today, on which China expresses its voice against the United States, but barely heard of a Europe undecided, though that could have something interesting to say. What roles can play well only France and its culture, Germany and its cars, one or another isolated country in the struggles of giants?

These are the questions that make us regret the outcome of yesterday’s referendum, the idea that the debate is placed beyond the internal political squabbles France, or socio-economic implications generated. While not everything is finished, a new Constitution may be proposed, but how long? Impression that just missed the boat, it is now that things are moving, it will help us significantly?

I allowed myself to speak on behalf of expatriates in China. Force is recognized as one that was in France or not, the opinion was different. From what I’ve read on the blog of Pierre Haski, China, the YES won 90%! I’ll let you read the details on the ticket of the results and comment on the question.

Of course we discussed before with our German friends. When we spoke of the fervent opposition conducted in France, they were more surprised. In their country ratification will be passed by their representatives and not by referendum, a priori no doubt about the positive outcome that should result. Interesting to see the different attitudes in our two countries builders of Europe.

Above is a photo I took in the speech of Mr Raffarin (then) Prime Minister during his visit to Shanghai last April. It saw the French flag placed close to the European flag, many things have changed vraissemblablement at the next French intervention in China …


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