Thank you teacher!

Yesterday afternoon, our teacher asked Bai all our Chinese class (6 students) at the restaurant. A very nice way to spend during Chinese]

We had announced before the HSK, and he kept his word perfectly!
We reward our efforts to learn Chinese spending notably in recent months, one of our Chinese teachers, Prof. Bai, invited our entire class restaurant! Not being in the neighborhood, and our other friends eating rarely outside the campus, it is presented to Marieke and me to choose the restaurant.
He wanted a clean place where you can eat good food? No need to hesitate any longer, we offered the best restaurant in the area (visibly greasy spoon would not agree:]), the restaurant “Red and Black” as we call us, and that the has been
Of course our table was a bit special, Chinese, Bolivian Norths Korean and French, as you say that our neighbors stared, but we finally have the habit.

But we made a real meal in Chinese a table of 7 people, with the right amount of food in the center where each little use as he pleases, several bottles of Tsingtao requested by Prof. Bai has taught us all ways of toast, plus tea again, to avoid the minds heats up too …

The breakfast was really nice. A real meal New Year full of good humor and a relaxed atmosphere where you can enjoy the beautiful day around advertisers holidays. Our cameras will be put to the test, the meal will be peppered up and down, no question of forgetting these great moments. With Marieke we start to do the same in Kekos posing with Chinese, waving our fingers … V unbridled atmosphere!
Also an opportunity to discover new Chinese dishes and failing to hold their behalf, to take pictures for the next time;] We even discover our teacher our favorite dish, sautéed mushrooms he found absolutely famous.


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