The Chinese Jump!

did not want to throw in the towel, and asked her what she knew of the events of Tiananmen Square in the late eighties. She was only nine years old, yes, but despite everything, still being myself teenager, I remember quite well the importance of events as they were recounted as a providential international upheaval because of the magnitude they could have taken in China.

We must place it in its historical context: the communist dinosaur extinction was underway, the Eastern bloc is segmenting the collapse of the Soviet Union, the Berlin Wall succumbed to popular pressure … And one of the last bastions of communism (and not the least of: a fifth of the world population) showed a small boil and libertarian student in his capital. It was then a major first in a country that, at the time, was completely closed.

Cai Li answer me she has never seen pictures, photos or videos, events as … It does not exist. In witness in time of these events, when it comes to Tiananmen any Western, the first image that return to mind, as it was broadcast, that is emblematic of the student standing up to prevent the passage of tanks. Unconsciousness or ideal, that is not the question, in all cases, the approach remains beautiful. Cai Li and told me she had not heard of it. I stayed as two round side, and replied him “you still know only a few thousand students were killed, and many survivors to avoid the bullet in the neck, had to flee the countries to Australia, the United States, Canada, or France? “. Oh, no. According to sources, the students returned quietly home, and those who were arrested were actually in the pay of Western countries that had handled.

There, I jumped.

I took his place behind the PC, and tried to find photos via search engines French, suspecting that Chinese or English, it would be “unable to display the requested page.” on, I could immediately access the thumbnail of the photo above the young man stopping tanks. Cai and Li écarquillera eyes to see who was sent to tanks, to his knowledge, anecdotal jolts few visionaries responsible for a poor student demonstration to be classified in the heading dogs crushed. And then marched more photos, more bloody. Cai Li could not believe his eyes. I could not believe it either … To see discover the truth about his country. I could find some texts in French, telling the events reported by students diarists, and tried to translate for him. Explain all this to Li Cai with virulence democratic I live, it was shown to the Pope, with supporting evidence, that God does not exist.


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