To serve and honor

After our little rest week post-HSK duly deserved, we took the path of Chinese courses. Finished buggers like crazy on the rules of grammar, idioms and practice of writing words, our courses are now more focused on the practice of oral language and comprehension and composition. So last Tuesday for our reunion with Prof. Bai, the lesson plan was: we all prepare for a few minutes to talk about what our classmates of equal status between men and women in our respective countries of origin.

Hot first reaction: arf is boat as subject. Naturally, talk over gender status in society with people from the same company that you do not have to be something exciting. To find the subject, our teacher also had only course open the book to get rid of the problem of the subject. But where it gets interesting is that all French girl that you are, you are to talk with a young Bolivian Nords 2 young Koreans and one old, your teacher and Chinese.
Of course many topics, I will have the opportunity to come back in other posts, today I wanted to pay particular attention to one of them: the military service.

We actually asked the question whether, in each of our countries women could join the army and occupy senior positions at the same level as men. What the answer was almost the same for all, namely that women could join the army but they were much less likely than men, and that women could find graded … well at least in theory .
But are they affected by military service compulsory? Here we left our fellow North Koreans stunned by announcing that France, there was no compulsory military service at all (we skipped the history of Citizens Day, I recall that we were talking about it all Chinese …), and it is a professional army. Inevitably, the standard would be home for 3 years mandatory. Then, as the conversation was quite informal, it is our professor gave us a little about military service in China.


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