The love of home country

We then learn that conscription for military service based on both voluntary and reserve system. But what surprised us a lot is the fact that the People’s Liberation Army (Army of the PRC) must refuse many volunteers too many!
I must say that, again according to our teacher Bai, enrolled in the ALP, a soldier could reach an average salary of 1000 RMB which is more than can expect rural youth by example. Not to mention that leaving the ALP before the age of retirement, it will find you a job to pay equivalent.

What must be more to explain such a momentum to want to defend his country? Unless it is a naturally patriotic attitude of the Chinese people, thus justifying the presence in the country’s constitution:

“It is a sacred duty of every citizen of the People’s Republic of China to defend his or her motherland and resist invasion. It is an obligation of the Honoured Citizens of the People’s Republic of China to perform military service and join the militia to strength. ”

Source: China: CONCODOC 1998 Report

I must say that we were already asking questions about military service in China when we arrived for the start of September, we saw many young students on campus lattice. A student was then told that we were students returning from the “compulsory military training” before the return, but we do not know more.
Until recently I discovered thanks to an article on the blog of Selim, professor at Nanjing, which would be “a government measure established by Beijing in September 1989 to establish dialogue and mutual understanding between military and students. “That explains so ordered ranks that you can see in the photo.
That said, with the conversation we had with our teacher Bai, I pushed the curiosity. And yes September 1989, everyone understood, it is precisely the academic year that followed the events of Tiananmen summer.

In fact it turns out that in September 1989, all first-year University in Beijing and Fudan in Shanghai to undergo military training a year, under a rehabilitation policy after the demonstrations for democracy the previous summer.
In 1990, this measure was extended to most other universities. So that military training was compulsory for those wanting to enter the best university courses, and it will even think that those who refused were fired from their university. This measure has been widely criticized by these same universities, some students apparently preferring integrate institutions of higher education below their capabilities, where they will not be forced to undergo military training.
Consequently, since 1993, the duration of the training required has been reduced from 1 year to 1 month.

Source: China: CONCODOC 1998 Report

Subject was richer than he could promise to start. Further information also on the website of China’s Human Rights [English]
It is possible that our Chinese courses are becoming more and more interesting. Anyway tomorrow I must prepare to talk about how I see my future professional, very hard to plan for a future job in a technical field that has brackets for a year to learn Chinese to another end of the world …

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