Vatican / China

Things are moving between China and the Vatican, amid denials and ranting. Unprecedented happened in the Cathedral of St. Ignatius of Shanghai, Tuesday, June 28, which could support the idea of a change in Chinese behavior on the thorny issue of the appointment of bishops. During the ceremony devoted as auxiliary bishop of Shanghai, Bishop Joseph Xing Wenzhi, 42, revealed true before 2500 and regime officials that his appointment was the result of an agreement between the Vatican and Beijing authorities.

This information, once released by the agency Asianews was denied, Wednesday, June 29, by an official of the Religious Affairs Office of Shanghai. Disclaimer embarrassed Bishop Xing was chosen by the Catholic Church (official) and Shanghai appointment approved by a “college of bishops of the Catholic Church in China.” Fuzzy concept, followed by the development: “This has nothing to do with the Vatican.”

According to the agency in Paris Churches of Asia, which takes its information from the diocese of Shanghai, the new bishop has been elected on May 17, a college of priests, religious and laity. But he also received the approval of Rome. And attendance at the ceremony of the regime’s political representatives confirmed that Beijing has not objected to the appointment. In Hong Kong, Bishop Zen Ze-chun, famous activist Human Rights, confirmed the fact: if bishops ‘official’ have already been ordered in the past, with the consent of Rome, this is the first once such an agreement is made ​​public.

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