Try or not?

No need to walk long to notice in China, the Chinese take a very special position when they want to take a break at a given location.

This squat is at least suggestive, and if everyone will have a smile crossing one or the other quietly installed, there are those who have not hesitated to give a name to the position: the position called “the mud “((c)

Handy when there is nothing to sit itself in the neighborhood, rather than stand, hop on squats!

What is the origin of this position seem so incongruous in our region filled with benches, I have no idea. Still, it is also popular among young people than among older people, I even saw a sculpture depicting a Chinese life including a man in the position.

Easier said than done for some, because it seems that the Chinese (among others) are naturally predisposed to adopt such a position, which technically should be taken with heels glued to the ground attention.

However, I’ve tested that many Westerners do not are simply not capable issue morphology can be personally and in my case anyway, I do not find it particularly relaxing

And you? you tried?


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