A very nice market

Located in the southeast of the Old City of Shanghai, is a bustling street known mainly local but increasingly frequented by Westerners: the market for fabrics Dongjiadu Lu, the largest fabric market in Shanghai.

If I had heard from friends before, I had not had the opportunity to go there before moving to Shanghai Cecile and Sophie.
In my defense, the difficulty of access to the famous market for the more motivated metro to Huangpi Nanlu can count at least 30 minutes of walking, but a taxi will take you there willingly. As some drivers do not know the site very touristy Yu Garden located at a short distance, as “Dongjiadu read” and “May Yifu of difang” (place to buy clothes “) will immediately understand!

Moreover, we do not be deceived: the taxi drops you off at the end of the street where these predecessors leave in reverse. The street bustles with customers, mostly women, not only Chinese, you will understand why …
The first stalls encountered mainly offer traditional fabrics, and there is something for all tastes, colors, patterns, there has to be tempted

These shops also offer all the usual souvenirs fabric: table sets, kits and other covers.

But so far nothing new compared to the shops found in the Old City for example.

To do this, you have to push a little further …
The first shops past, you find yourself going through the corner of one of them and, surprise surprise, not the corner leads to another, but on a real covered market full of stalls fabric by the meter. Clothes of all colors of any style, but more modern fabrics and garments. And yes, it is here that the Chinese come to make their clothes



And it is surely no coincidence, given the choices presented and especially savings that can be achieved! I take for example my two traveling companions, Cecile and Sophie have made to several tailors cashmere suit 25 euros! Choice of fabric with lighter test support, négocation difficult abacus in hand and choice of models in the catalog, this is a case which was carried out efficiently to speak Chinese this is a serious asset, and two strong client satisfied with the result



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