Chinese Unity

In summary, the Chinese unit is in little things: a language officially imposed, and a federation of ethnic groups that are not necessarily in line with the lands on which they are located, with significant variations in traditions and cultures that the government is trying to smooth. What would happen if China, the current system was overthrown in favor of a democratic regime? There would, potentially, a civil war inter-ethnic, inter-provinces, where some minorities would assert their difference and sovereignty. At the level of twenty percent of the world’s population could no longer talk of civil war, but World War.

Successfully maintain cohesion in such a complete anthropological disparity is a challenge that the Beijing government can maintain. This disparity, it is real and palpable. In the West, we have a stereotypical idea of ​​the Chinese population, which is not a reflection of reality. Myself, I do not have morphological characteristics that make me look like an Asian, and yet it happens, sometimes it takes me to a Chinese (when I speak little Mandarin, and the few banalities that I spit the oral ring true). It does not take me for Han, the main ethnic group, which is part Cai Li, but a man of Xinjiang, a western province of China. This gives you an idea gives physical differences there may be between nationalities.

So, good western crying wolf for the establishment of democracy in China, I can not do it. It’s not that I’m against. It’s just that I can not take a position … And whether it will be a real benefit to the country … And the world (again, we’re talking about China, and not a country the size of Luxembourg).

By cons, what I can not tolerate, and yet is the basic principle of the Chinese government is controlling the information. Here, all media, whatever they are, are controlled by the administration. We can not talk about information, but propaganda. Make no mistake: the control of information, and its orientation, also exist in the West … But to a lesser extent. As in the West, we can expose political scandals, and try to change things, pushing governments to exit under popular pressure. In China, it is obviously impossible, and instead the media claiming that shots bursts, often fabricated by the administration.

In China, there are some national dailies in English. The first year I bought them from time to time. Finally, I completely stopped. At first, not knowing the country work superficially, I found all this amusing, saying that perhaps the information was arranged a bit. Now that I know the wheels much deeper, I realize how everything that is reported is a tissue of lies they used to pasture in western passage.

The second thing that is for, not really wanted by the government, the regime in China, corruption is total and constant. Since the government can not be changed, that nothing is done in government can not be criticized, that all the little scandals, more or less recognized are choked … That means that citizens do not have the opportunity to escape the corruptive system. In France, if you go to the police, and the cops do not help you, you have the possibility of appeal: the hierarchy, other administrative or judicial authority or the press. In China, no. If a cop does not help you (and in general, it is not because you disturb), you will démerder alone. If you criticize, contact the media, I do not know what you could have problems, or to see the doors close … And the only recourse is the relationship you have.


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