So quickly!

After five minutes, I realized that the two cushy as cérébrés that molluscs were only there for one thing: to make us sign the lease, which is the most expensive, but act as a “business advisor “. Obviously, I was upset quickly these guys know nothing about business, and are yet in a position to interfere in ours, they do not even know in the dream content of the activity. They were ridiculous advice like “you should rather rent in this area, because there are German and American companies”. And then there is the usual Chinese and amadouante lourdaude, particulièremet annoying, to kick back, to spit compliments to two centimeters from the face, to offer you cigarettes like crazy while you have to crush one blows winks grotesque story you sign without thinking too much. I immediately took my distance, I cut short the conversation, to share with Ke Wang Rong our real needs in the field, trying to coordinate them with my policy cost. The outcome of races is that there certainly spent more time (an hour of scheduled maintenance, we went to four), but we saved over three years, half a million yuan . To Rong Wang Ke, which is Chinese with his delusions of grandeur, it is. For me, this is huge, and having the opposite approach would more concern that the lack of interest of economy.

Ke and Wang Rong, after discussions, the baby catches up, telling me that we were in China, and we had two ways of dealing with the relationship: either we fight against the administration (ie, consider the two clampins for what they are: two small scale without servants, but who are the lords of the castle with their very poor little power), or we played friendship without limits, like poles old regiment, to exchange favors. I personally have never been in the army,’m keen weapons upon receipt of the e-tax, so I left my partner this option work for me. And so it was partly for this great friendship that road to get drunk consors to obtain favors. The result is that it still fell a little rent, suggesting that part of the difference is personal support offered both idiots.

Both officials said that money should not be a problem, and have brought one of their “friend” banker in the quarter of an hour: that is, a bank employee, regardless of the content reassuring or alarming the balance sheet that we will present, we will obtain a loan, we will have to determine the amount to our way, knowing that the above said bank employee will determine accordingly the Committee under the table.

To close this transaction, we went to dinner and sloshed together. As in China, one of the ways to be recognized and respected, is how to keep the alcohol (believe it is impossible to do business without this, and even though I ironically, I’m not kidding ), Ke Wang Rong let me handle this part of the transaction. And even if I went zigzagging, I got the approval of the officials, who it seems, we will open all the doors.

Is this legal? Of course not. And yet, the operation of the country, and the durability of the system, based in part on it. So, despite what the government says, showing shots of brilliance in the fight against corruption is tolerated as well as prostitution, rampant, yet officially prohibited as well as the sale of CDs and DVD pirates, is completely prohibited, while all stores have a storefront. And why can not change? Just because we are in a dictatorship, the government, for the sake of social cohesion, muzzles the press could report, and thus jeopardize cohesion. In short, it is not about to change.


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