Christmas in China

For the first Christmas in Shanghai, so many things to tell! In this first part, let’s go back a few days … December 24 is the last day before Christmas …
Or rather, even a day earlier, for starters. And yes, this year for the Christmas festivities I have started a little earlier. My university organizes every year in effect on December 23 a meal for all foreign students Minhang campus to celebrate Christmas. The menu, few numbers (more or less successful) by students and presented to a little over 350 people singing, reading poetry, dance and Thai guitar, with every scene … a staircase, a staircase right, but stairs …

Then a very good Chinese buffet, hot and cold dishes to enjoy with friends from all backgrounds. Each challenge will be the same gift of chocolate (good!). For me it was also an opportunity to pose with my Chinese classmates. Here, with Marieke, our three comrades North Koreans, Chinese and an assistant with his son, what the dream team:]

But of course, as a Chinese buffet Christmas dinner, when you come from France, we do not really get satisfied. So naturally, the next day you gave cover, but our sauce this time! This year, our meal for Christmas Eve, it will be … well a squeegee to us!
How did we do? Meet four French campus, adding girlfriends for some, the friend from France for another holiday, thank Maxim for its raclette (there are not that at all street corners in Minhang) and Elisa for raclette cheese which has supported the 10 hour flight and a stay in a fridge in Hong Kong, and voila! Excluded the images …

Who would believe then giggles between two French, one is in Shanghai? Some will find the meal actually quite modest for Eve, but Eve says does he not exceptional meal? And what is more exceptional than between French Christmas dinner around a squeegee in Shanghai, joy and good humor of rigor? Thank you all it was great!

But you think it stops there? That’s not counting all our resources] After the meal, the German management Eve with our neighbors across the street. The theme of the evening, Gluwein (forgive the spelling), poetry competition in English, requires international atmosphere, and exchange gifts … a program!
So there was the world that night on the balcony opposite, a glass of mulled wine statement cinnamon, lemon and orange hand, gloves, scarf, singing, each in his own language the classic Christmas around a barbecue with glowing coals … delicious …
Then the poetry competition, shortest to longest, good words and odes to Christmas, some have added a special touch: magic, camera apology for not preparing poem or composition on guitar. Selected pieces …

After the dice have allowed us to select each in turn one small gifts under the tree (ours that we paid for the night but we quickly recovered:]), there have disappointed and more excited as always with this game, but who cares, it was mainly to spend Christmas Eve together.

I know not really say where we spent ours in Shanghai, France, Germany, … Certainly not the family, but with friends it was Christmas Eve, somewhere on Earth …


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