Christmas in shanghai

My Christmas in Shanghai, Part 2. For me, Christmas does not stop at Eve: eldest of a family of six children, the real Christmas is on December 25th in the morning (or noon if Eve was late into the night!) and Shanghai or not, this is the kind of family tradition that it’s hard to give up.

So with Marieke we did everything for it. My previous article was completed on my Eve back at 3:30, I do not sleep immediately. And yes, we are preparing in France only Christmas Eve, maybe there quelq’un MSN to whom I can wish a happy Christmas? All right, my dear daddy just finished his day’s work, I watched him as surely on MSN and I give him a small favor … I log when it is midnight in France to wish a Merry Christmas to all my family gathered by interposed cam. Small favor yes, because France = midnight to 7am Shanghai or … argh! 4 hours of sleep after a long enough December 24, ah that would be to see his family for Christmas!
Then I woke up, and guess what? Webcam not working ;-( France side Luckily mine worked, my family has seen my freshness Then my phone rings, it’s calling me daddy behind him with the family together, or each emotion sequence go its “Merry Christmas”, unforgettable …

Then no longer have the strength to wait for the French deign webcam work, I go back to bed to wake me up … 3, 4 hours later and continue this Christmas special. Marieke we file with the gifts under the tree, and we prepare the breakfast table Christmas. Finally, Christmas brunch tell us rather look a little:
On the menu:
– Croissants and pains au chocolat
– Buns and rolls
– Chocolate cake
– Pancakes
– Hot chocolate
– Cheese (President!), Yoghurt
– Jam, honey, chocolate
– Strawberries, yellow cherry tomatoes
– Orange juice

Happiness …!
Also this year Santa has spoiled us, simply judging by our mines rejoiced!

My Christmas still is not finished, I had a word from Father Christmas warning me of the impending arrival of a gift in the mail … So this year, a Christmas extended in time and in space.
Thank you to Santa for gifts, thank you for telecoms allowing me to share the better time with my family, thank you for Auchan, Minhang its rays and other baked French rolls, thank you Marieke at daddy and others for making this a true December 25,


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