Secure your Bike in shanghai

Reliable in appearance, especially when it comes Surplus traditional jaw, it nonetheless he can play tricks on you.
Indeed, we found no need to open is key:

or it is already broken at the joint when he was still “never” used
or one short but cleverly placed firm will release the bike
or, recently discovered by Emilio trick, a simple one ticket mao will open, McGyver lovers, follow the link (Spanish for the moment, but the images speak for themselves soon in French)
Next on our list, the lock last generation.
Evidence, there is still only 2 colors, bright red or dark blue shiny. To ride with style, so plan to buy a bike before red or blue.

Personally, after my various disappointments of the previous model with theft, I chose to invest my 35 kuai in this model seemed best.

And indeed, it is so much better than even I who has the key, I have trouble opening it. After several mishaps like to stay 10 minutes trying to open the lock, I naturally brought my complaint to dealer. This oiled me graciously, but the result was not conclusive much longer, I am now obliged to turn mini key 15 times in the good days before the opening yield.
At least I’m pretty quiet.

It would therefore seem that there is no salvation in the old-fashioned way home.
As against above, spotted one night on campus, two antiques obviously knew last.

The bike first, which we still wonder how it rolls without losing an element rusted every bump.

The burglar then. A simple, but effective vraissemblablement. Perhaps the next method I would use if my current lock makes me lurch …

How to choose a lock?

For the start, yes, I cracked. When I realized that the campus had actually doubled in size, it did not took long before giving in to the temptation to buy a new bike, my third Forever.
But buying bike is not a simple procedure, it is usually accompanied by:

the purchase of a bell if (to meet other cyclists, drivers or pedestrians who will not hesitate for you to scolded all the time)
purchasing a basket, which incidentally made ​​to accommodate the Auchan shopping or school bag
but mostly … mostly … the purchase of one or more locks, depending on whether more or less confidence in the immediate environment in which the bike evolves.
So today, I give you briefly share my personal experience and that of my relationships, all of us have had several to choose locks, since in general when you choure bike, you leave no little word with the lock that has broken (oupa elsewhere …)

We begin the tour of the lock standard that every good cyclist in China already purchased through 15-20 yuan available including fluorescent red, fluorescent green, black or white: the inevitable soft lock.

A face to face

For a face-to-face, it was rather a face-to-facessssssss!
So much so that the classroom was finally available too just to hold all students. We ended up with half of the group in another room for an hour of discussion, where we had to find topics that can be of interest to our audience, when this is not the audience itself that was the inspiration, such as asking us to sing a French song (3 times) and our opinion on the Chinese boys (2 times) …

These questions traps aside, we were also able to talk about topics a little bit interesting as what we thought of unsuccessful applications for Paris Olympics, Yao Ming and his counterpart franchisor hedges which they like boast before the French since the last Olympics, but also our experience in China, parts of France, learning foreign languages, or even the perception of China by the French.

We were welcomed very warmly, some students are even came to tell me how much they especially were excited because it was the first opportunity for them to talk with a stranger.


Sure they admired our English skills;) we have praised our country so romantic and we were told how we were naturally beautiful, what, after the acknowledgments embarrassed, I wanted to respond (in my humility) and they saw us because we were different.

This may be a characteristic of people here. What is different does not frighten but attracts.

Meeting with chinese

Monday night, while we were eating “quietly” with the university restaurant we visit, one student came to ask us if we were available the following Wednesday (today) for free in English talk face-to-face with Chinese students. As it turns out we did not during the Wednesday, we good-poirement replied that we were free, and eventually we would agree to participate.

It did not take more students in question we extract our mobile numbers, and remind us that evening to confirm the time and place.
Meanwhile we had the time to worry about the level of English of our future partners, as it was easier for us to communicate with the student in Chinese and English. OK, I know, I’m French and my English is certainly not never read, but just come here to feel reassured (although not always) on the level of English.

In short, until noon, we expected to find ourselves face to face with each 1 or 2 Chinese, or to meet other foreign students enrolled more or less force in the company. But it was far from being the case.

14 hours, at which time the course was due to start, and obviously the organization was poor. No room available and we are joined in As not a few Chinese and foreigners, but by an entire class of Chinese. But I’m not here to give me an English course!
Soon we are recognized by the teacher, “Hey I know you, I’ve seen you playing on the basketball court, you’re quite famous among us”. Okaaay …

Finally, we understand very quickly. We are here as a guest star to talk about everything and anything in English class with Free Talk which was obviously the first session. Brief introduction, question and answer session, we are to tell our experiences of China and France to an entire class ready to drink our words.


That’s it, I’m on vacation since last night!
The opportunity to take a breather after recent incidents academics, take a break and get back to the point on the right foot before the next holiday …

Officially the holiday week begins tomorrow October 1st, with the Chinese National Day.
And 7 days, ANY China is on vacation. This is called Golden Week, the first since the academic year and the last calendar year.
Note that the 7 day holiday for me if you do well the account, I only have four real days of additional leave (2 knowing that I have never over or Wednesday or Friday) in the since Saturday, I will catch my last day on Thursday.

At least this year I’m prepared, not like last year where we had come on Saturday and Sunday for catch-up two days not worked.

And you call this a vacation you?!

As with any Golden Week, at this time, the whole China is preparing to move. So here too, enjoying the experience of my misadventures last year, I did not even think about planning a trip long distance trains are so crowded.

I opted for a closer destination and will be very nice this time of year: Nanjing.
Train tickets in your pocket today, I’ll be there for 2 days, after the wave of Chinese travelers who will move this weekend.

I have not yet had the opportunity to go there, it will be an opportunity for me to explore this historic city 3-4 hours by train from Shanghai.

Other activity program make my future permanent place of residence a place livable!
And yes, that’s it, we finally got our single rooms in building 10.
For the moment I do not live there yet, I am still waiting for someone to come install ADSL otherwise I’m completely lost:]

The thing is that these new rooms are a bit compared to tristounes Building 8, but my mission has already begun elsewhere, is to make this space my space.
And because I’m a bit masochistic or too careful on the edges, I will also be able to enjoy for updating me on my course Information Security, the major challenge is to successfully translate and understand what kind of transparent …
And yet, here there’s a beautiful pattern.
When we know that some of my teachers make us spend up to 90 slides of its kind in two hours, you will understand that I will not have too many of these holidays for me to update!

Okay, and then, between all that, and because mine anything, it’s the holidays, I will also try to get some rest. The problem is that now sit in my apartment, it’s almost impossible mission because we are identified by apartment renovation: Concerto for 3 drills, hammers & co from 8 am to 19 pm.
Fortunately for me, I may have found the solution


And those who protest as Audrey find that I’m already on vacation after only two weeks of classes, I would say that my next real vacation for me … it will be in February.

Back to the basics

a year ago to the day I trod for the first time on Chinese soil. Since I have worn some shoes I am a part time summer and here I am back for another year! History confirm that I am fully reached, or absolutely unconscious masochistic …

China is not the moon, my first name is not Neil, but Paris-Shanghai it was a giant step for me just agree, yes, but still

Some prefer therefore retain the date of July 21, 1969, I will remember that on 31 August 2004, at the risk of sounding parochial
At that time the idea oh so light to tell my adventures on a piece of canvas had not popped into my little head, and I did not have to tell you.

But the thing to revive a second time, I can not help thinking this first day in Shanghai. Feelings were quite similar to those of Bill Murray in Lost in Translation on his arrival in Tokyo, pretty much.

To leave the airport and get to our first destination, we will not take a taxi, we might have been …
Our mission was to reach the apartment of those who would be our friends, Bruno and Raymond. And for that we should get into a shuttle to take us into the city center where we would then take a taxi to the address pre-printed Chinese characters.

For the shuttle no worries, 20 yuan, a few bursts on the road, and our mines dumbfounded as and as we got to the center. I also wish I head out the window, but the bus can not

Arrived at their destination, where it is difficult for the simple reason that it is made … raining … a lot!

So despite all our courage, goodwill and hope in our lives landing in Shanghai we breathed, we took our first lesson in local life in the early hours: When it rains in Shanghai, a taxi c is mission impossible! Especially when it is 2, each with at least 30 kg of luggage, for a race that does not exceed 15 minutes …

Fortunately, not Zorro but Chinese good Samaritan came to our rescue, spontaneously, and English speaking hardly more effective than us in the limit stop suicidal taxi, the good Samaritan had nevertheless infallible weapon except when n ‘ more battery: the mobile phone.

The passion of climbing

And here we go again.

Since the end of the first big climb ascents and descents are softer. We think less effort and one begins to recognize the stones around us disturbing characters …
Then comes the time to think down the mountain, and the cloud!

The descent was long, very long …
But no question of taking the cable car there either, we’re a bunch of youngsters … well brave or completely defective, either

Moreover we will meet very few people so if this is one of those carriers dating back painfully along the steps that we had to hit hard on their shoulders with a bamboo at each end a heavy load drink, laundry, appliances, etc., for the service of luxury hotels, inaccessible except by those endless stairs …

After a first phase of a long descent, we were very afraid discovering this:
Facing us, reminding us that endless climb test in the morning.

Fortunately we were able to get around, but that did not stop us pay one or two good scenes-cracking laughter!

We decided a little too late to count the steps, and heck, there have been many, but really. But it was worth the shot also, but really worth it!

Late afternoon, we finally get to the exit on the taxi area. Too impatient to sit and relax, let us plan the taxi driver hopeless that would not lower his price and we get on the bus to take us back to the hotel we enjoyed.

Higher and higher

What better way to get motivated to climb even higher? These green mountains, some of which are still hiding behind the veil of morning mist fascinated me. Landscape of China as I dreamed, clack! I take the photo, I put the bottle in the bag, I forgot my clothes soaked in sweat and wetness room and the thigh that pull, and I leave the chain steps, eager to discover what awaits me there all up at the top …

At the summit, precisely what awaits us are hordes of tourists descended freshly from the cable. But the time to explain the guide thought and we expect to take on our map, we promptly flee to lead us to the views we were recommended yesterday. And we were not disappointed! Here is a very small sample of what we could see.



Of rugged peaks in smoothed rocks, through the green lava running down the sides of the mountains and serene lakes that provide other shades of turquoise, one would see everything, climbing …
So … it was our legs
And unbelievably, on the mountain, it is possible to play basketball on a real playground!
My three companions there are naturally addicted, but for me, the wisdom of trying to preserve my gams for the second half of the journey led me to stay on the side … At least I took pictures

At this time, we finished just our picnic instant noodles, hot water, as it is more expensive than the noodles … – and if we could check the hotels out there were indeed luxury , néamoins our supplier hot water we proposed to spend the night in a dorm behind the shops, very spartan but certainly much cheaper than our hotel.
Maybe we would have not had to listen to our first taxi driver, but who knows, it may well be that in the evening, we enjoy a minimum of comfort …


The yellow mountain

the Yellow Mountains: we spend a lot to get on and off as quite the Huangshan mountain itself, on the west side of the site.

As before, our transport is organized by the hotel, but with the difference that this time we are done once and for all on a single site for the day and, more importantly, we find ourselves involved in a bus full of Chinese tourists wearing red caps!
ARRGH! NO not tour Chinese gangs recognizable that they all wear a colorful accessory, usually not beautiful and not discreet, and following mechanically and without listening to their guide hoarse into a megaphone wearing a flag rallying the gang!
Just by hearing the guide launched in his explanations of the visit while we were just boarded the bus, we fear that we can not move our way to the site no question of get stuck without being able to enjoy the scenery promised !
Fortunately, arrived at the entrance, we explain that we want to fend for themselves. No problem? Great to us the mountain!
We leave it to the foot of the steps of the big group and guide current queuing to take a cable car which will climb 8 minutes that we are about to get in about 2 hours …

Phew, just thinking about it, it made us hungry:] Okay, and then we had lunch yet small, so we abandon some “red caps” courageous, like us, have not left frightened by thousands of steps that lay ahead. Time to perk up in the middle of nature, peacefully located on large rocks, and we’re ready to rise up … rise up into a little flat it’s good … up up up up up … then I expect is a little … up up up up up … like, are back caps red lining! … up up up up … this is far? Up up up … up … final straight, I’ll get there, I’ll get there … I did it!

To tell how this first ascent is far from a cakewalk! But the atmosphere was good-natured, and to motivate each shot “Jia you!” (“Put oil” literally, “Go!” Anything). And when we took the time to ask before reach the top, you could blow a little