The yellow mountain

the Yellow Mountains: we spend a lot to get on and off as quite the Huangshan mountain itself, on the west side of the site.

As before, our transport is organized by the hotel, but with the difference that this time we are done once and for all on a single site for the day and, more importantly, we find ourselves involved in a bus full of Chinese tourists wearing red caps!
ARRGH! NO not tour Chinese gangs recognizable that they all wear a colorful accessory, usually not beautiful and not discreet, and following mechanically and without listening to their guide hoarse into a megaphone wearing a flag rallying the gang!
Just by hearing the guide launched in his explanations of the visit while we were just boarded the bus, we fear that we can not move our way to the site no question of get stuck without being able to enjoy the scenery promised !
Fortunately, arrived at the entrance, we explain that we want to fend for themselves. No problem? Great to us the mountain!
We leave it to the foot of the steps of the big group and guide current queuing to take a cable car which will climb 8 minutes that we are about to get in about 2 hours …

Phew, just thinking about it, it made us hungry:] Okay, and then we had lunch yet small, so we abandon some “red caps” courageous, like us, have not left frightened by thousands of steps that lay ahead. Time to perk up in the middle of nature, peacefully located on large rocks, and we’re ready to rise up … rise up into a little flat it’s good … up up up up up … then I expect is a little … up up up up up … like, are back caps red lining! … up up up up … this is far? Up up up … up … final straight, I’ll get there, I’ll get there … I did it!

To tell how this first ascent is far from a cakewalk! But the atmosphere was good-natured, and to motivate each shot “Jia you!” (“Put oil” literally, “Go!” Anything). And when we took the time to ask before reach the top, you could blow a little

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