Higher and higher

What better way to get motivated to climb even higher? These green mountains, some of which are still hiding behind the veil of morning mist fascinated me. Landscape of China as I dreamed, clack! I take the photo, I put the bottle in the bag, I forgot my clothes soaked in sweat and wetness room and the thigh that pull, and I leave the chain steps, eager to discover what awaits me there all up at the top …

At the summit, precisely what awaits us are hordes of tourists descended freshly from the cable. But the time to explain the guide thought and we expect to take on our map, we promptly flee to lead us to the views we were recommended yesterday. And we were not disappointed! Here is a very small sample of what we could see.



Of rugged peaks in smoothed rocks, through the green lava running down the sides of the mountains and serene lakes that provide other shades of turquoise, one would see everything, climbing …
So … it was our legs
And unbelievably, on the mountain, it is possible to play basketball on a real playground!
My three companions there are naturally addicted, but for me, the wisdom of trying to preserve my gams for the second half of the journey led me to stay on the side … At least I took pictures

At this time, we finished just our picnic instant noodles, hot water, as it is more expensive than the noodles … – and if we could check the hotels out there were indeed luxury , néamoins our supplier hot water we proposed to spend the night in a dorm behind the shops, very spartan but certainly much cheaper than our hotel.
Maybe we would have not had to listen to our first taxi driver, but who knows, it may well be that in the evening, we enjoy a minimum of comfort …




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