The passion of climbing

And here we go again.

Since the end of the first big climb ascents and descents are softer. We think less effort and one begins to recognize the stones around us disturbing characters …
Then comes the time to think down the mountain, and the cloud!

The descent was long, very long …
But no question of taking the cable car there either, we’re a bunch of youngsters … well brave or completely defective, either

Moreover we will meet very few people so if this is one of those carriers dating back painfully along the steps that we had to hit hard on their shoulders with a bamboo at each end a heavy load drink, laundry, appliances, etc., for the service of luxury hotels, inaccessible except by those endless stairs …

After a first phase of a long descent, we were very afraid discovering this:
Facing us, reminding us that endless climb test in the morning.

Fortunately we were able to get around, but that did not stop us pay one or two good scenes-cracking laughter!

We decided a little too late to count the steps, and heck, there have been many, but really. But it was worth the shot also, but really worth it!

Late afternoon, we finally get to the exit on the taxi area. Too impatient to sit and relax, let us plan the taxi driver hopeless that would not lower his price and we get on the bus to take us back to the hotel we enjoyed.


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