Back to the basics

a year ago to the day I trod for the first time on Chinese soil. Since I have worn some shoes I am a part time summer and here I am back for another year! History confirm that I am fully reached, or absolutely unconscious masochistic …

China is not the moon, my first name is not Neil, but Paris-Shanghai it was a giant step for me just agree, yes, but still

Some prefer therefore retain the date of July 21, 1969, I will remember that on 31 August 2004, at the risk of sounding parochial
At that time the idea oh so light to tell my adventures on a piece of canvas had not popped into my little head, and I did not have to tell you.

But the thing to revive a second time, I can not help thinking this first day in Shanghai. Feelings were quite similar to those of Bill Murray in Lost in Translation on his arrival in Tokyo, pretty much.

To leave the airport and get to our first destination, we will not take a taxi, we might have been …
Our mission was to reach the apartment of those who would be our friends, Bruno and Raymond. And for that we should get into a shuttle to take us into the city center where we would then take a taxi to the address pre-printed Chinese characters.

For the shuttle no worries, 20 yuan, a few bursts on the road, and our mines dumbfounded as and as we got to the center. I also wish I head out the window, but the bus can not

Arrived at their destination, where it is difficult for the simple reason that it is made … raining … a lot!

So despite all our courage, goodwill and hope in our lives landing in Shanghai we breathed, we took our first lesson in local life in the early hours: When it rains in Shanghai, a taxi c is mission impossible! Especially when it is 2, each with at least 30 kg of luggage, for a race that does not exceed 15 minutes …

Fortunately, not Zorro but Chinese good Samaritan came to our rescue, spontaneously, and English speaking hardly more effective than us in the limit stop suicidal taxi, the good Samaritan had nevertheless infallible weapon except when n ‘ more battery: the mobile phone.

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