That’s it, I’m on vacation since last night!
The opportunity to take a breather after recent incidents academics, take a break and get back to the point on the right foot before the next holiday …

Officially the holiday week begins tomorrow October 1st, with the Chinese National Day.
And 7 days, ANY China is on vacation. This is called Golden Week, the first since the academic year and the last calendar year.
Note that the 7 day holiday for me if you do well the account, I only have four real days of additional leave (2 knowing that I have never over or Wednesday or Friday) in the since Saturday, I will catch my last day on Thursday.

At least this year I’m prepared, not like last year where we had come on Saturday and Sunday for catch-up two days not worked.

And you call this a vacation you?!

As with any Golden Week, at this time, the whole China is preparing to move. So here too, enjoying the experience of my misadventures last year, I did not even think about planning a trip long distance trains are so crowded.

I opted for a closer destination and will be very nice this time of year: Nanjing.
Train tickets in your pocket today, I’ll be there for 2 days, after the wave of Chinese travelers who will move this weekend.

I have not yet had the opportunity to go there, it will be an opportunity for me to explore this historic city 3-4 hours by train from Shanghai.

Other activity program make my future permanent place of residence a place livable!
And yes, that’s it, we finally got our single rooms in building 10.
For the moment I do not live there yet, I am still waiting for someone to come install ADSL otherwise I’m completely lost:]

The thing is that these new rooms are a bit compared to tristounes Building 8, but my mission has already begun elsewhere, is to make this space my space.
And because I’m a bit masochistic or too careful on the edges, I will also be able to enjoy for updating me on my course Information Security, the major challenge is to successfully translate and understand what kind of transparent …
And yet, here there’s a beautiful pattern.
When we know that some of my teachers make us spend up to 90 slides of its kind in two hours, you will understand that I will not have too many of these holidays for me to update!

Okay, and then, between all that, and because mine anything, it’s the holidays, I will also try to get some rest. The problem is that now sit in my apartment, it’s almost impossible mission because we are identified by apartment renovation: Concerto for 3 drills, hammers & co from 8 am to 19 pm.
Fortunately for me, I may have found the solution


And those who protest as Audrey find that I’m already on vacation after only two weeks of classes, I would say that my next real vacation for me … it will be in February.



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