Meeting with chinese

Monday night, while we were eating “quietly” with the university restaurant we visit, one student came to ask us if we were available the following Wednesday (today) for free in English talk face-to-face with Chinese students. As it turns out we did not during the Wednesday, we good-poirement replied that we were free, and eventually we would agree to participate.

It did not take more students in question we extract our mobile numbers, and remind us that evening to confirm the time and place.
Meanwhile we had the time to worry about the level of English of our future partners, as it was easier for us to communicate with the student in Chinese and English. OK, I know, I’m French and my English is certainly not never read, but just come here to feel reassured (although not always) on the level of English.

In short, until noon, we expected to find ourselves face to face with each 1 or 2 Chinese, or to meet other foreign students enrolled more or less force in the company. But it was far from being the case.

14 hours, at which time the course was due to start, and obviously the organization was poor. No room available and we are joined in As not a few Chinese and foreigners, but by an entire class of Chinese. But I’m not here to give me an English course!
Soon we are recognized by the teacher, “Hey I know you, I’ve seen you playing on the basketball court, you’re quite famous among us”. Okaaay …

Finally, we understand very quickly. We are here as a guest star to talk about everything and anything in English class with Free Talk which was obviously the first session. Brief introduction, question and answer session, we are to tell our experiences of China and France to an entire class ready to drink our words.


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