A face to face

For a face-to-face, it was rather a face-to-facessssssss!
So much so that the classroom was finally available too just to hold all students. We ended up with half of the group in another room for an hour of discussion, where we had to find topics that can be of interest to our audience, when this is not the audience itself that was the inspiration, such as asking us to sing a French song (3 times) and our opinion on the Chinese boys (2 times) …

These questions traps aside, we were also able to talk about topics a little bit interesting as what we thought of unsuccessful applications for Paris Olympics, Yao Ming and his counterpart franchisor hedges which they like boast before the French since the last Olympics, but also our experience in China, parts of France, learning foreign languages, or even the perception of China by the French.

We were welcomed very warmly, some students are even came to tell me how much they especially were excited because it was the first opportunity for them to talk with a stranger.


Sure they admired our English skills;) we have praised our country so romantic and we were told how we were naturally beautiful, what, after the acknowledgments embarrassed, I wanted to respond (in my humility) and they saw us because we were different.

This may be a characteristic of people here. What is different does not frighten but attracts.



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