How to choose a lock?

For the start, yes, I cracked. When I realized that the campus had actually doubled in size, it did not took long before giving in to the temptation to buy a new bike, my third Forever.
But buying bike is not a simple procedure, it is usually accompanied by:

the purchase of a bell if (to meet other cyclists, drivers or pedestrians who will not hesitate for you to scolded all the time)
purchasing a basket, which incidentally made ​​to accommodate the Auchan shopping or school bag
but mostly … mostly … the purchase of one or more locks, depending on whether more or less confidence in the immediate environment in which the bike evolves.
So today, I give you briefly share my personal experience and that of my relationships, all of us have had several to choose locks, since in general when you choure bike, you leave no little word with the lock that has broken (oupa elsewhere …)

We begin the tour of the lock standard that every good cyclist in China already purchased through 15-20 yuan available including fluorescent red, fluorescent green, black or white: the inevitable soft lock.


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