Secure your Bike in shanghai

Reliable in appearance, especially when it comes Surplus traditional jaw, it nonetheless he can play tricks on you.
Indeed, we found no need to open is key:

or it is already broken at the joint when he was still “never” used
or one short but cleverly placed firm will release the bike
or, recently discovered by Emilio trick, a simple one ticket mao will open, McGyver lovers, follow the link (Spanish for the moment, but the images speak for themselves soon in French)
Next on our list, the lock last generation.
Evidence, there is still only 2 colors, bright red or dark blue shiny. To ride with style, so plan to buy a bike before red or blue.

Personally, after my various disappointments of the previous model with theft, I chose to invest my 35 kuai in this model seemed best.

And indeed, it is so much better than even I who has the key, I have trouble opening it. After several mishaps like to stay 10 minutes trying to open the lock, I naturally brought my complaint to dealer. This oiled me graciously, but the result was not conclusive much longer, I am now obliged to turn mini key 15 times in the good days before the opening yield.
At least I’m pretty quiet.

It would therefore seem that there is no salvation in the old-fashioned way home.
As against above, spotted one night on campus, two antiques obviously knew last.

The bike first, which we still wonder how it rolls without losing an element rusted every bump.

The burglar then. A simple, but effective vraissemblablement. Perhaps the next method I would use if my current lock makes me lurch …


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