Law in china mainland

Certainly, the transformation of the Chinese legal system has never been considered as important as economic reforms. But we do not hesitate to speak of revolution given the legal codification and institutionalization accomplished, especially since 1992.
Considered useful because it helps to maintain social stability on which economic growth, Chinese law does not care considerations of justice and respect for the human person as quite secondary. Pragmatic and utilitarian, Chinese law is primarily coupled to the definition of a legal framework for business and especially for foreign investment. This evolution is largely with reference to international standards and practices. Thus, as pointed out by B. Pitman Potter, “much of the history of legal reform in the PRC related to difficulties in adapting international standards to the local environment.”

Thus, membership in the WTO has led to gradual changes still in progress today. This is also a particular case is China, which is set for not a single date Butoire for the effective implementation of all the provisions in accordance with the WTO, but a series of deadlines for a gradual implementation of the more straightforward to implement the most difficult.
Because the WTO implies in particular compatibility essential political and economic systems of different countries, with term globalization of legal systems.
A gigantic task ahead for China, when we know that the western capitalist countries advocating free market led to the WTO all their legal system based on the rule of law.
Many changes and must be undertaken on topics that China treated internally, and are now in the scope of the WTO, as is the case for intellectual property, particularly sensitive these days.

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