Optimism of chinese lawyer

What are the prospects in the medium term? What issues?

The Chinese legal system is therefore a great site for which Nombe to solve problems remain, including:

Lack of judicial independence
Difficulties in applying the law, still too much corruption and lawlessness
Administrative interference and obstructions
Lack of transparency
Need tools for better legislation
Need for education, familiarization of citizens in law
Competition and contradictions of state organizations
Just these problems are they updated that already appear on other major projects in all areas, including the draft Civil Code in 2010, reforms of financial law, securities law, insurance law, law competition, to name a few.


lawyers are relatively optimistic. This is a daunting task whose execution is time consuming, but gradually things would fall into place.
Consider that 15 years ago, there was no a lawyer in China.

For Christine KARABOWICZ-RIVET (Karasia), “China is facing a major challenge: create your own legal model for economic transition in China, creating a right from a socialist Asia must adapt to an economy market involved globally without compromising its Communist Party, under the pressure of Chinese society itself and international pressure. Measures already taken by the Chinese authorities hold the promise of progress while such advances would have been difficult in the past, but as long as we know what will be the future direction of the current management team. ”

The management team, the Party is perhaps that will take one of the last bastions qualification without hesitation China as rule of law. How to convince them that the only WTO accession could accomplish this transformation when we learn that the terms of ratification of the accession by China were already against the constitution?! Once again the Party decided above all.
But questioning the Party is upset doctrinal resistance and cause unprecedented social destabilization. State law only socialist-oriented economic progress or state? Perhaps the second flow from the first, but already before reaching the first, let us arm ourselves with patience.


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