Nanjing the beautiful

I go now to Zhonghua Men Gate. For that I’ll take a taxi. I must say it is not super nice and I did not have much time if I want to wrap everything in the afternoon.

That’s good for me, obviously in Nanjing, a taxi is quite easy thing. Of my stay, I never had to wait more than 5 minutes to catch one.
Both Beijing taxis are red, those in Nanjing are green. Price: 8 yuan care, and 2.40 yuan per kilometer, which I find quite expensive compared to Shanghai and Beijing.

Something against it by really good I think, is counting the remaining time for the traffic lights. We see everywhere in the city.
The count is the same for the green light, red and even orange color count changing the color of the light which it relates. The malignant Nankinois


3. The door of the Ming City, Zhonghua Men

Time for a taxi, and now I make a leap in time.
After 30 years of synonymous changes in China, I find myself at the time of the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644), during which Nanjing was the capital of China.
Zhonghua Men is with Zhongyang Men, one of the 13 Ming city gates that remain today. The walls of the Ming City is indeed another important component of the city of Nanjing, and Zhonghua Men with 4 rows of doors is one of the remarkable points.
A particular item will be dedicated, but already I can tell you that it was a good place to get an overview of the city.

find a room for the night not too expensive
visit the Nanjing Massacre Memorial
take a tour of the door of the city Ming Men Zonghua
go to the Fuzi Miao area and visit the Confucian temple
go take a look at the Bell Tower and Drum Tower
and end at Market Night Hunan Lu
4. The district Fuzi Miao Confucian Temple and

A short distance from Zhonghua Men, is the Fuzi Miao area. I am therefore went walking and umbrella.
Since Zhonghua Men, a light rain fell on the city. But I was determined to go through this area which we did not stop talking to me from my small cab in the morning, as that by chance had worked for 8 years before coming to Nanjing to Shanghai.
Fuzi Miao, hear the Chinese talk, it’s the neighborhood of Nanking to see. The ideal is to find in the dark, as I had planned, hehe
I also talk about later in another article, but in fact I found this lively neighborhood. It made me think including the Old City of Shanghai (Nanshi) with the commercial aspect developed beyond selling souvenirs. Illuminations, market, pedestrian streets, I loved to stroll umbrella in hand, and I have my first opportunity to visit the Confucian temple.


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