Nanjing Nanjing china

All the gates of the city are already Ming fortresses, the door Zhonghua is the largest.
It has 4 rows of doors, which makes it almost impregnable.

Whereas previously it could house a garrison of 3,000 soldiers in the vaults of the first gate, today it is the souvenir shops that occupy these rooms.
Near the entrance is a small history museum walls.

After spending the first gates and gardens of bonsai hosted them, it is possible to go upstairs


It rubs then these old stones that have survived the centuries, finally something quite exceptional in China when we know with what systematism the Chinese have eliminated traces of their culture and their past in different periods of their history.
Here in the amount of stone stairs, I found one of those entries with its origin, name and rank of foreman of the factory, the name of the man who had fashioned and perhaps even date of manufacture. It was necessary to ensure that the brick was made correctly, because if it broke, it should be replaced.

And yes, they had the culture of manufacturing defects for repair …

Arrived on the first floor, then you can go to each of the 3 different doors at the front of the site.
In fact, it should not be practiced a lot, saw weeds which ran between the stones forming the ground … But once we were able to move onto the more the first front, we can return to observe the highest fourth door overlooking other, and seven galleries in passing that I found very useful for me shelter from the rain that had begun to crack down on Nanjing.
Then, armed with a good umbrella, I got on the 4th door.
To do this, you must go through the Ma 马 道 Dao. It is a grand staircase with side passage without a large walk perfectly smooth from top to bottom, and wide enough to raise a horse.

Utility installation: allow faster delivery to the heights of the city with a horse transport from start to finish!

Today 2 Ma Dao that frame the door from the top of the highest door, fourth, to the bottom, are each guarded by an impressive array of Ming soldiers in toc.

Once on the roof of the fourth door is a great place naked opens our eyes.

The ideal for kite! Moreover there is a small hut where some men are now bustle to repair.

Regardless of the gray sky, the place completely discovered hosts several amateur Chinese love to kite wherever they can, even and perhaps especially their historical sites …

Finally another attraction summit this door here you can have a view of the city.
Off Mount Purple seems rather gray in the foreground a few low houses, but a little further as the towers of the modern city.

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