Day in Nankin

Finally, although friendly, the visit to the temple Fuzi Miao is fast enough, and perhaps less than there know a little more, do not bring anything exceptional.

But luckily for me, the surroundings of the temple are more promising.
I leave the temple and small lights to find the area of ​​Fuzi Miao and other illuminations.


If the morning since we had not stopped to advise me to go through Fuzi Miao, it is perhaps not so much for its temple for the neighborhood itself.
A pedestrian appearance already very pleasant to cut traffic adds vibrant atmosphere lively neighborhood.

It is indeed one of the busiest Nanjing, especially during holidays as was the case for me.

Construction of traditional house restaurants and fast food, but also clothing stores and souvenir shops.

Between them, it is possible to hire a pedalo, or strolling through the aisles of a market for a little while relatively large.

Again, many points in common with the old city of Shanghai, the market more
But the most fun is yet when night falls and the lights district. Flashing neon lights, colored lights, flash cameras mixture of tourists … fireworks a traditional day revived Chinese. It has to shine!

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