This is the end

To end the day in Nanjing, Nanjing Express after (4) lights on Fuzi Miao, direction Hunan Lu
There, not the night market I expected with vendors near their small stall, but a great shopping street with boutiques open into the night after 21 hours.
Remember what Huaihai Lu in Shanghai, but in much less time – Huaihai Lu, in terms of length and businesses is the equivalent of the Champs Elysées in Paris.
But we find a frenzy of shopping quite comparable to the time of day. Of course some malls that you welcome and a “Happy Shopping”, without forgetting the essential KTV (karaoke).

Nothing so very typical. Unless the typical cities it is now more than these malls?

At least the place is alive … and yet sufficiently informed to be able to walk there at night
Then I take one of the streets on my left looks more lively. The Yunnan Lu perhaps?
A pedestrian street completely and visibly seething.
Of both sides, a large number of restaurants of all kinds. I also believe that not far away is the University of Nanking and its Foreign Students Dormitory. Cosmopolitan place it is.
Walkabout, bath flashing neon lights, more to Nanjing this time.


It is also in this area that I spotted the cinema, I mentioned in my overview, where I almost let me try elsewhere.
But the fatigue of the day wet and program perspective for the next day because I have had this evening. Finally I would probably have done better to go, when you know what happened to my program tomorrow …

Nanjing Express was the result and it was pretty much at the end. Hunan Lu was not bad to finish the day to wander the streets of Nanjing at night and take a little pulse of the city in a different place.
The next day, the lifting is fresh greenery in Nanjing as I walked, but especially in the rain, rain, rain and rain re … STOP!

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