Fuxing park in shanghai

Now turn to a small area of Shanghai where you can stroll to the French forget the stress of the city, I mean one of the largest parks in Shanghai Fuxing Park.

Located in the middle of the former French Concession, Fuxing Park is no exception to the rule in the area. Around the park and inside, walkways, entire streets lined with plane trees. The index will allow you to say for sure that you are in the former French Concession. These planes, for Shanghainese, it is simply “French trees”, these trees imported by the French time concessions.
Moreover, at that time, in 1900, the park was called simply “the French fleet” when it was bought by the French upon arrival in Shanghai.

So much for the history of this park-crowing. For more information, you can just go there to read the full story on the plates to one of the inputs.

But do not go there for the story. It would be a shame, it is better to stay to enjoy it a little. Especially if you are coming on foot from the metro station Shanxi Nan Lu or Nan Lu Huangpi And I may add, especially if that day is a Sunday …
First you can enjoy every day of the week Fuxing Park.
This is the ideal place for a little escape from the bustle of Shanghai by putting green for a few hours.
Walking along the shaded paths, refreshing break (summer) with the water jet, deci beyond some flowers for the pleasure of eyes and nostrils, nap, reading one of the many benches or on the grass just waiting for your picnic.


French song

Forgive me for my discretion on these days on the blog, a new Chinese song that I submit to you …
Chinese song? Hmm … not really …

In fact I returned from Simba Coffee, the only place where you can Minhang hear some good music in a nice frame. Short while we were discussing quietly qu’ouïs I?! Would it not music “like you” by Jean-Jacques Goldman??
In fact, my ears did not fail, especially when it comes to recognizing a song by JJG;], except that the focus of the interpreter seemed familiar but in a different way …

Incredible! “Like you” in Chinese!
To have followed a series of questions such as “And when the Chinese” borrow “tunes, they warn composers?”. Because in the realm of copy, where “copyright” rhymes with “it counts for nothing,” we are entitled to ask the question …

Anyway, back soon, as soon as my keyboard. Hi to my dad who cares about my long absence article (and this reassured), a cuckoo friend Google tells me immediately: I found why and how the site a fan JJG speaking of foreign adaptations of songs from the artist.


So amazing CV

It is the company that I started a year ago with Ke Wang Rong, my Chinese partner has the means to hire a Chinese girl to us run a hand across stewardship which overcomes Li Cai dramatically in recent months.

As we began the interviews, I wanted to give you some pearls as receiving some resume granted me some good fits of laughter.

It must be very clear: if I worked in France, all CVs that I have received since the beginning of the week would have ended in the trash before they have been fully read. None worked with the desire to develop experience and qualifications, and not one seduced. And then, for that is the form most gives the impression of being that drafts drawn in a hurry on a corner of the keyboard. In short, nothing good seller.

Ironically, I spent time afiner the announcement, saying that our company was very young, she had not much to offer, and needed to prepare for and encourage the vendor to interest.

And in this third-world application, in this desert of want to hire, sometimes arises here and there, a pearl that makes the CV radiant and unforgettable!

We are looking for a small Chinese fluent in English, if possible French (not my doing, but that of my clients), which could be responsible for our administration, our organization, and that, if it is a little clever, you could also assign some cases a little more exciting. My partner research with long legs, and as I’m not single, I prefer with large hands. I’m recruiting. , He made a cast.

Surprisingly, nearly all of the CVs indicate political affiliation! And as you can imagine, all candidates are Communists! And even if they wanted to be something else, they have no choice, since any other affiliation is prohibited. But in China, the legacy of the spirit proletario-revolutionary, it is good practice to specify that on his resume is a good comrade.

It amused me, especially on one of the CVs, which, in English, the candidate had said “commie”, which is actually a derogatory term and American. If we had to translate it into French, we speak of “communist vermin.” Then read on a resume is a candidate defines itself as “vermin Communist” made me laugh out loud! Be humble, certainly, but remain worthy.

Ke Wang Rong taught me something about this: the government recommends people to send letters to their individual local government with a sustained frequency, to reflect everyday items that show how communism is good (his example was to say “I thank the Communist government thinks the people, because there is a brand new bench available to everyone in the green space downstairs from me”). These letters are classified by the government, who does not hesitate to decorate or graduate-lick the ass correspondence. Delirium, right? By cons, letters of denunciation of the Communist dictatorship are rewarded by a place in a rehabilitation center (or bench with brand new or even green space).



Thank you again shanghai

Thank you all for this nice meal!

But do not think that’s eve ended there. We were in town and we had to enjoy it. Having identified that the proposed Zapata’s an evening that night 1 – free entry and 2 – with music or House or Electro-Trans, short of music which we had planned to make a turn.

Dishes made, this time we did a little fine ourselves. Time for a short taxi ride and we were there. The Zapata’s was relatively shielded but not as much as some Ladies Night, and curiously many more Chinese than Westerners. And the announcement had not lied: yes we had good music! Finally until a certain time. It’s been too long since I had not heard that old “YMCA”!

Then the good music being out of breath, we returned, delighted to have been able to move a little for this Christmas Eve. But Christmas in downtown Shanghai was not finished so far …

Morning, yet sated our dinner the night before, it is a brunch we gargantuan secret that awaited us. Santa Spanish fast fast, hungry, and we want to open our gifts!
That’s it? Everything is ready? Gifts are stored under the tree down for the occasion and the table is set ready to be devoured everything she presents delicious! Here we go, everyone opens a package to turn a slice of panetone between a sip of hot chocolate and a strawberry with whipped cream … you have dreamed? we did; P

After all this, Marieke, Emilio and I headed to a park near here, Zhongshan Park. Ten minutes to go for a walk in the green, from where we have been Minhang 1:30 transport. Chinese musicians and singer, over rollers and ball outdoors: the art of living in China this Sunday Christmas, perfect for a quiet day …

Memories of Zhongshan Park, a December 25, 2005

That would continue … with a viewing session intensive five episodes of Desperate Housewives (on how it is hooked?) Accompanied by a tasting pasta carbonara fashionable Emilio, and all it takes chocolates Christmas … good:]

One word to describe me is that Christmas magic! Daniel and thank you for giving us Danjie attachments for this 😉 shifted Eve, thank you Emilio for his sessions packaging, hat, pasta and good humor, and thank you to Marieke for … for … for all of it!


Memories of christmas

To quote the comment of Pascal, here is the summary of my Christmas 2005, in Shanghai, the city center and not in Minhang

In fact this Christmas, I think’m sure I owe much to Marieke. Firstly because it is thanks to her that we just spent Christmas not in Minhang, but downtown. What was especially interesting is not so much the location in Shanghai, but also the framework that we have. Car for Christmas Eve, what more important than a good meal in a warm near people who are dear to us?
We are now accustomed to us no family at Christmas. And when there is no family around you, nothing more natural than to spend this time with friends! For Eve there, it was decided we were going to spend together, Marieke, Emilio, Danjie, Daniel and I were going to spend Christmas Eve together. So much for our small group of gays lads.
Question of the frame now. This is where relationships are valuable Marieke A French friend to her, part vacation time, has offered to leave his house in the city center the holidays! And when I speak of a house, it is a cocoon, with a kitchen that even in France we would dream. Ideal for a cozy Christmas Eve with good dishes:]
And just for good food Eve, again thank you to Marieke and Emilio who bravely faced the rays of the sprawling Carrefour Gubei an afternoon of Dec. 24 …

Everything looks perfect! And everything went almost perfectly
Time to be in the famous house while our favorite Spanish Santa hastily finished his task of packing, I mettai hand side of the dough with Marieke kitchen, where already the smell of our dessert just out oven augur good omens
Danjie little misunderstanding with Daniel and they joined us late, but everyone working to get everything ready. But Daniel and Danjie must leave early … to go to the movies! So, we have not even taken the time to take our clothes light for the meal, and you coirez or not, 21h 30, the dishes were already on their way! At the time it usually starts a drink:]

Still, the food was great. Mixture of Western and Chinese flavors, and the great part. We thought to exchange some small gifts to mark the occasion, some with more or less success with their caps


Some news from shanghai

I have also been able to track “I’m fine, everything’s fine …”.

And yes, I felt a little forced to reassure some people who have done cares about me seeing that I was not responding to emails or more too wrote nothing on my blog for over a week now. (Oh the cow, all this time!).
Anyway thank you to them, that fe-cho-no-kor as they say:]
But do not worry everything is going well. I just had a week a little tense at work, and yes not believe I’m not there to take it easy Besides a shot calgon to me bedridden for a good day, nothing to fix the advance of my job. But now it is finished, I take my stride

So I would first like to apologize to the pile of emails and comments expecting a response. I will do my best to avoid that it does go on forever.

And then to make me forgive a little, and since I have not really had the opportunity to photo-reportage these days … I’ll leave here a nice picture taken from the Bund, overlooking the towers of Lujiazui, in Pudong, by night …


A very fast;]


Personal promotion

Once is not custom … I will try to use my blog purely for profit or almost. I do not have much besides principle, but exceptional circumstances, exceptional measures.
Therefore in line with the previous post, this post will not teach you much about Shanghai and China (sorry …), but aim only to make a little advertising for … me. And yes it may seem sad to get there. So I understand that most readers of this blog go their way.
Simply put, I am for several weeks in search of lessons to give. Until now, Shanghai Expat Forums, BBS university and my personal network have not yet borne fruit. But I believe, so here I offer my services on my blog.

I thought initially teach French or English, but I’m also very willing to support education, particularly in science subjects.
I was already in France “teacher special” for many students, college to college. So I have a little experience in this side.
Of course I can move within certain limits anyway. (Out of Shanghai refrain ..)
If you are interested in (e), or if you know someone who might be interested, do not hesitate to contact me via email Cont @ ct ‘(top right) blog for more information.

Similarly, if you wind a few tips that might interest a French student in Shanghai who has time and especially energy!

Thank you in advance!


SO pretty cars

But this mini-cab model is increasingly rare. However, the mini-cab, this is not what is lacking in Minhang. Why then these small cars disappear? Simply because they are replaced by another model that is all the rage here about a year ago: the Cherry QQ!


As funny name, right? QQ (chiu-chiu).
This name comes probably from Chinese MSN (instant messaging software) who also called QQ and knows a huge success among young people in particular (I will speak to you too).
In any case there are these round forms comparable to QQ penguin, and give this new little racer looks a lot nice small city, ideal for use with mini-cab. What a cute car too

Maybe even a bit too much. Lines have no more to everyone, I mean including GM filed a complaint against Cherry, finding that the QQ looked a little too Daewoo Matiz. From what I’ve read, Cherry has won his lawsuit … well good reputation for copiers Chinese is more to do.
Anyway, here QQ won a great success. Cute and cheapest car on the market (less than € 5000 in Europe half a Clio III), it has conquered the market in particular mini-cab drivers Minhang!
Bottling QQ to the output bus

Indeed, this is due to the sudden increase in population around campus because of the expansion of the surface of the latter, he is always with us as the QQ literally swarm. To the point that believe attending a trade show QQ to the campus entrance, consisting in fact of QQ ready to take students where they see fit, and QQ real congestion at bus stops and stations that run underground concert horn as soon as passengers disembark.
Salon Expo QQ at the entrance of the campus
In any case they are red, yellow, green or blue-like bioman:] – stamped or Hello Kitty or Mickey, QQ mini-cabs is handy.
It sometimes gives the opportunity to practice her Chinese with a driver causing more or less, with an emphasis Shanghainese more or less, but always absolutely delighted to take a laowai in his QQ, to make pale colleagues soap box tart .

And yes … QQ Minhang, cars to live;]


Last day in the montain

The next morning, remove the cooler. In return, we opted for a bus ride to Wuhu, then from there we will take the train to Shanghai. According to Marieke, the bus ride was epic, well I have not seen anything because I have a lot of sleep for five hours, and it was perhaps best to avoid fears … A Wuhu, look no, there is nothing to see. Fortunately for us, we found a small “restaurant outside”, 2 large tables with umbrellas what, where we could eat and play cards especially a good time in the afternoon. Oh yes, another intense moment, a small race boys and girls in the streets of Wuhu, each group aboard a kind of tricycle engine backfiring, to get any chance in a park without interest.
Time to refuel for the return train, chic chic chic instant noodles! Come on, I’m trying a new fragrance at least in Wuhu, shopping is cheap. Railway platform and it is pretty much what you can remember …

Sunday late evening, we were back at the bottom of our building. And before he could congratulate this magnificent journey that will leave beautiful images in my head going to spread on our beds, guess what … go, 3 small flights of stairs on foot]


This QQ guys

Attention, as to pronounce in English:]]
Perhaps you have heard of the phenomenon embodied in the Chinese automobile manufacturer Cherry QQ? In any case in Shanghai Minhang, this is no longer a phenomenon, it is an invasion!

A Minhang, means of transport are numerous. For each type of route is the mode of travel adapé at your disposal 24h/24 almost. Your feet if you’re not too tired, if you are not cycling has not yet taken the bus provided to take his time, the subway to get downtown raisonnbales hours, the taxi to go to city ​​with impossible hours, the mini-bus to Xinzhuang faster than the subway provided that the driver has fulfilled his mini-bus, and … and … the mini-cab!

The mini-cab, the thing that saves your life to go shopping when it rains in torrents, that your bike has mysteriously disappeared that you are in a hurry or too tired (lazy?) To go Auchan your shopping at the other end of the street, take the subway or go a little further. But what is a mini-cab?
Well, that’s a mini-cab. Mini cabs versus official who themselves are the size of a normal sedan. Because, well, mini-cab, there is little that the Chinese for driving without butter steering wheel with legs
A good old soap box in short, that for you 5 yuan deposits in the district, at the door, provided that the cops have not decided to post it too. Because then there plus a mini-cab to … well within 50 meters.
Illegal but tolerated … what … like many things here.