This QQ guys

Attention, as to pronounce in English:]]
Perhaps you have heard of the phenomenon embodied in the Chinese automobile manufacturer Cherry QQ? In any case in Shanghai Minhang, this is no longer a phenomenon, it is an invasion!

A Minhang, means of transport are numerous. For each type of route is the mode of travel adapé at your disposal 24h/24 almost. Your feet if you’re not too tired, if you are not cycling has not yet taken the bus provided to take his time, the subway to get downtown raisonnbales hours, the taxi to go to city ​​with impossible hours, the mini-bus to Xinzhuang faster than the subway provided that the driver has fulfilled his mini-bus, and … and … the mini-cab!

The mini-cab, the thing that saves your life to go shopping when it rains in torrents, that your bike has mysteriously disappeared that you are in a hurry or too tired (lazy?) To go Auchan your shopping at the other end of the street, take the subway or go a little further. But what is a mini-cab?
Well, that’s a mini-cab. Mini cabs versus official who themselves are the size of a normal sedan. Because, well, mini-cab, there is little that the Chinese for driving without butter steering wheel with legs
A good old soap box in short, that for you 5 yuan deposits in the district, at the door, provided that the cops have not decided to post it too. Because then there plus a mini-cab to … well within 50 meters.
Illegal but tolerated … what … like many things here.

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