Last day in the montain

The next morning, remove the cooler. In return, we opted for a bus ride to Wuhu, then from there we will take the train to Shanghai. According to Marieke, the bus ride was epic, well I have not seen anything because I have a lot of sleep for five hours, and it was perhaps best to avoid fears … A Wuhu, look no, there is nothing to see. Fortunately for us, we found a small “restaurant outside”, 2 large tables with umbrellas what, where we could eat and play cards especially a good time in the afternoon. Oh yes, another intense moment, a small race boys and girls in the streets of Wuhu, each group aboard a kind of tricycle engine backfiring, to get any chance in a park without interest.
Time to refuel for the return train, chic chic chic instant noodles! Come on, I’m trying a new fragrance at least in Wuhu, shopping is cheap. Railway platform and it is pretty much what you can remember …

Sunday late evening, we were back at the bottom of our building. And before he could congratulate this magnificent journey that will leave beautiful images in my head going to spread on our beds, guess what … go, 3 small flights of stairs on foot]

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