SO pretty cars

But this mini-cab model is increasingly rare. However, the mini-cab, this is not what is lacking in Minhang. Why then these small cars disappear? Simply because they are replaced by another model that is all the rage here about a year ago: the Cherry QQ!


As funny name, right? QQ (chiu-chiu).
This name comes probably from Chinese MSN (instant messaging software) who also called QQ and knows a huge success among young people in particular (I will speak to you too).
In any case there are these round forms comparable to QQ penguin, and give this new little racer looks a lot nice small city, ideal for use with mini-cab. What a cute car too

Maybe even a bit too much. Lines have no more to everyone, I mean including GM filed a complaint against Cherry, finding that the QQ looked a little too Daewoo Matiz. From what I’ve read, Cherry has won his lawsuit … well good reputation for copiers Chinese is more to do.
Anyway, here QQ won a great success. Cute and cheapest car on the market (less than € 5000 in Europe half a Clio III), it has conquered the market in particular mini-cab drivers Minhang!
Bottling QQ to the output bus

Indeed, this is due to the sudden increase in population around campus because of the expansion of the surface of the latter, he is always with us as the QQ literally swarm. To the point that believe attending a trade show QQ to the campus entrance, consisting in fact of QQ ready to take students where they see fit, and QQ real congestion at bus stops and stations that run underground concert horn as soon as passengers disembark.
Salon Expo QQ at the entrance of the campus
In any case they are red, yellow, green or blue-like bioman:] – stamped or Hello Kitty or Mickey, QQ mini-cabs is handy.
It sometimes gives the opportunity to practice her Chinese with a driver causing more or less, with an emphasis Shanghainese more or less, but always absolutely delighted to take a laowai in his QQ, to make pale colleagues soap box tart .

And yes … QQ Minhang, cars to live;]

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