Personal promotion

Once is not custom … I will try to use my blog purely for profit or almost. I do not have much besides principle, but exceptional circumstances, exceptional measures.
Therefore in line with the previous post, this post will not teach you much about Shanghai and China (sorry …), but aim only to make a little advertising for … me. And yes it may seem sad to get there. So I understand that most readers of this blog go their way.
Simply put, I am for several weeks in search of lessons to give. Until now, Shanghai Expat Forums, BBS university and my personal network have not yet borne fruit. But I believe, so here I offer my services on my blog.

I thought initially teach French or English, but I’m also very willing to support education, particularly in science subjects.
I was already in France “teacher special” for many students, college to college. So I have a little experience in this side.
Of course I can move within certain limits anyway. (Out of Shanghai refrain ..)
If you are interested in (e), or if you know someone who might be interested, do not hesitate to contact me via email Cont @ ct ‘(top right) blog for more information.

Similarly, if you wind a few tips that might interest a French student in Shanghai who has time and especially energy!

Thank you in advance!


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