Some news from shanghai

I have also been able to track “I’m fine, everything’s fine …”.

And yes, I felt a little forced to reassure some people who have done cares about me seeing that I was not responding to emails or more too wrote nothing on my blog for over a week now. (Oh the cow, all this time!).
Anyway thank you to them, that fe-cho-no-kor as they say:]
But do not worry everything is going well. I just had a week a little tense at work, and yes not believe I’m not there to take it easy Besides a shot calgon to me bedridden for a good day, nothing to fix the advance of my job. But now it is finished, I take my stride

So I would first like to apologize to the pile of emails and comments expecting a response. I will do my best to avoid that it does go on forever.

And then to make me forgive a little, and since I have not really had the opportunity to photo-reportage these days … I’ll leave here a nice picture taken from the Bund, overlooking the towers of Lujiazui, in Pudong, by night …


A very fast;]

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