Memories of christmas

To quote the comment of Pascal, here is the summary of my Christmas 2005, in Shanghai, the city center and not in Minhang

In fact this Christmas, I think’m sure I owe much to Marieke. Firstly because it is thanks to her that we just spent Christmas not in Minhang, but downtown. What was especially interesting is not so much the location in Shanghai, but also the framework that we have. Car for Christmas Eve, what more important than a good meal in a warm near people who are dear to us?
We are now accustomed to us no family at Christmas. And when there is no family around you, nothing more natural than to spend this time with friends! For Eve there, it was decided we were going to spend together, Marieke, Emilio, Danjie, Daniel and I were going to spend Christmas Eve together. So much for our small group of gays lads.
Question of the frame now. This is where relationships are valuable Marieke A French friend to her, part vacation time, has offered to leave his house in the city center the holidays! And when I speak of a house, it is a cocoon, with a kitchen that even in France we would dream. Ideal for a cozy Christmas Eve with good dishes:]
And just for good food Eve, again thank you to Marieke and Emilio who bravely faced the rays of the sprawling Carrefour Gubei an afternoon of Dec. 24 …

Everything looks perfect! And everything went almost perfectly
Time to be in the famous house while our favorite Spanish Santa hastily finished his task of packing, I mettai hand side of the dough with Marieke kitchen, where already the smell of our dessert just out oven augur good omens
Danjie little misunderstanding with Daniel and they joined us late, but everyone working to get everything ready. But Daniel and Danjie must leave early … to go to the movies! So, we have not even taken the time to take our clothes light for the meal, and you coirez or not, 21h 30, the dishes were already on their way! At the time it usually starts a drink:]

Still, the food was great. Mixture of Western and Chinese flavors, and the great part. We thought to exchange some small gifts to mark the occasion, some with more or less success with their caps


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