Thank you again shanghai

Thank you all for this nice meal!

But do not think that’s eve ended there. We were in town and we had to enjoy it. Having identified that the proposed Zapata’s an evening that night 1 – free entry and 2 – with music or House or Electro-Trans, short of music which we had planned to make a turn.

Dishes made, this time we did a little fine ourselves. Time for a short taxi ride and we were there. The Zapata’s was relatively shielded but not as much as some Ladies Night, and curiously many more Chinese than Westerners. And the announcement had not lied: yes we had good music! Finally until a certain time. It’s been too long since I had not heard that old “YMCA”!

Then the good music being out of breath, we returned, delighted to have been able to move a little for this Christmas Eve. But Christmas in downtown Shanghai was not finished so far …

Morning, yet sated our dinner the night before, it is a brunch we gargantuan secret that awaited us. Santa Spanish fast fast, hungry, and we want to open our gifts!
That’s it? Everything is ready? Gifts are stored under the tree down for the occasion and the table is set ready to be devoured everything she presents delicious! Here we go, everyone opens a package to turn a slice of panetone between a sip of hot chocolate and a strawberry with whipped cream … you have dreamed? we did; P

After all this, Marieke, Emilio and I headed to a park near here, Zhongshan Park. Ten minutes to go for a walk in the green, from where we have been Minhang 1:30 transport. Chinese musicians and singer, over rollers and ball outdoors: the art of living in China this Sunday Christmas, perfect for a quiet day …

Memories of Zhongshan Park, a December 25, 2005

That would continue … with a viewing session intensive five episodes of Desperate Housewives (on how it is hooked?) Accompanied by a tasting pasta carbonara fashionable Emilio, and all it takes chocolates Christmas … good:]

One word to describe me is that Christmas magic! Daniel and thank you for giving us Danjie attachments for this 😉 shifted Eve, thank you Emilio for his sessions packaging, hat, pasta and good humor, and thank you to Marieke for … for … for all of it!


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