So amazing CV

It is the company that I started a year ago with Ke Wang Rong, my Chinese partner has the means to hire a Chinese girl to us run a hand across stewardship which overcomes Li Cai dramatically in recent months.

As we began the interviews, I wanted to give you some pearls as receiving some resume granted me some good fits of laughter.

It must be very clear: if I worked in France, all CVs that I have received since the beginning of the week would have ended in the trash before they have been fully read. None worked with the desire to develop experience and qualifications, and not one seduced. And then, for that is the form most gives the impression of being that drafts drawn in a hurry on a corner of the keyboard. In short, nothing good seller.

Ironically, I spent time afiner the announcement, saying that our company was very young, she had not much to offer, and needed to prepare for and encourage the vendor to interest.

And in this third-world application, in this desert of want to hire, sometimes arises here and there, a pearl that makes the CV radiant and unforgettable!

We are looking for a small Chinese fluent in English, if possible French (not my doing, but that of my clients), which could be responsible for our administration, our organization, and that, if it is a little clever, you could also assign some cases a little more exciting. My partner research with long legs, and as I’m not single, I prefer with large hands. I’m recruiting. , He made a cast.

Surprisingly, nearly all of the CVs indicate political affiliation! And as you can imagine, all candidates are Communists! And even if they wanted to be something else, they have no choice, since any other affiliation is prohibited. But in China, the legacy of the spirit proletario-revolutionary, it is good practice to specify that on his resume is a good comrade.

It amused me, especially on one of the CVs, which, in English, the candidate had said “commie”, which is actually a derogatory term and American. If we had to translate it into French, we speak of “communist vermin.” Then read on a resume is a candidate defines itself as “vermin Communist” made me laugh out loud! Be humble, certainly, but remain worthy.

Ke Wang Rong taught me something about this: the government recommends people to send letters to their individual local government with a sustained frequency, to reflect everyday items that show how communism is good (his example was to say “I thank the Communist government thinks the people, because there is a brand new bench available to everyone in the green space downstairs from me”). These letters are classified by the government, who does not hesitate to decorate or graduate-lick the ass correspondence. Delirium, right? By cons, letters of denunciation of the Communist dictatorship are rewarded by a place in a rehabilitation center (or bench with brand new or even green space).


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