French song

Forgive me for my discretion on these days on the blog, a new Chinese song that I submit to you …
Chinese song? Hmm … not really …

In fact I returned from Simba Coffee, the only place where you can Minhang hear some good music in a nice frame. Short while we were discussing quietly qu’ouïs I?! Would it not music “like you” by Jean-Jacques Goldman??
In fact, my ears did not fail, especially when it comes to recognizing a song by JJG;], except that the focus of the interpreter seemed familiar but in a different way …

Incredible! “Like you” in Chinese!
To have followed a series of questions such as “And when the Chinese” borrow “tunes, they warn composers?”. Because in the realm of copy, where “copyright” rhymes with “it counts for nothing,” we are entitled to ask the question …

Anyway, back soon, as soon as my keyboard. Hi to my dad who cares about my long absence article (and this reassured), a cuckoo friend Google tells me immediately: I found why and how the site a fan JJG speaking of foreign adaptations of songs from the artist.

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