Fuxing park in shanghai

Now turn to a small area of Shanghai where you can stroll to the French forget the stress of the city, I mean one of the largest parks in Shanghai Fuxing Park.

Located in the middle of the former French Concession, Fuxing Park is no exception to the rule in the area. Around the park and inside, walkways, entire streets lined with plane trees. The index will allow you to say for sure that you are in the former French Concession. These planes, for Shanghainese, it is simply “French trees”, these trees imported by the French time concessions.
Moreover, at that time, in 1900, the park was called simply “the French fleet” when it was bought by the French upon arrival in Shanghai.

So much for the history of this park-crowing. For more information, you can just go there to read the full story on the plates to one of the inputs.

But do not go there for the story. It would be a shame, it is better to stay to enjoy it a little. Especially if you are coming on foot from the metro station Shanxi Nan Lu or Nan Lu Huangpi And I may add, especially if that day is a Sunday …
First you can enjoy every day of the week Fuxing Park.
This is the ideal place for a little escape from the bustle of Shanghai by putting green for a few hours.
Walking along the shaded paths, refreshing break (summer) with the water jet, deci beyond some flowers for the pleasure of eyes and nostrils, nap, reading one of the many benches or on the grass just waiting for your picnic.


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