A day in shanghai park 2

It’s a bit why I recommend the Sunday to come and have a look. For Sunday, many Chinese families and expatriates who gather around the activities hosted in the park.
Fishermen budding players go, card, balloon, and everything we can play outdoors can be found here for a pleasant afternoon in the sun if possible.

Suddenly he radiates an atmosphere very good child. This is both very peaceful and alive, so precious in this metropolis. A bit like one of those soap bubbles blown by the little girl with pink duvet flying in the air slightly Shanghai which seems less polluted here …
With a little luck, it falls even moments of life with Chinese fun, interesting but still very authentic. As these courses taichi so common that change, time to change the tape in the mail, being furious rock
Where as this dance Xinjiang interpreted gestures and strength accompanied by musicians from all conditions.
Fuxing Park is one of the first pleasant places in Shanghai that I discovered there is a little more than a year, and I still enjoy going back to at any time of the year. Incredibly, on November 27 in Shanghai, I found myself sipping a glass of sun Fuxing Park, and under the eye, envious this time M & E



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