Chinese quotes

Then there is the expatriation like mine, where the reason for leaving was never money, but the desire to live in a different context, and they live almost at the Chinese, even if their difference so marked, is pointed, and allow a better adaptation, but not integration. They know no strangers, even if the daily difficulties are numerous, if not financially enrich themselves, they learn every day about their new environment, and consequently on themselves . In shortcut for them, expatriation is a reboot, not to say a deflowering.

The third category of expatriates, it is the teachers. The Chinese are very demanding in English teachers, or even French or other foreign languages. They make decent salaries for the local environment, which, even without Pharaonic (not to say ridiculous compared to a western standard of living), can live more than comfortably in China. They live in a university environment, which is a cosmopolitan blend of local and foreign.

And then, there is a fourth category, which tends to grow enormously. These unemployed youth. There are plenty of little guys very courageous, who are tired of galérer France to find a job that did not specifically diploma, and with a small amount of pocket, go to China hoping to enter a opportunity. Again, most remain among young Westerners, often French, because beyond the fact that they do not speak Chinese, it is quite common that they do not speak English either.

In general, the first and second category of expatriates does support only moderately, and not by chance that attend. The twelve stars expatriates believe that expatriates “fit” (like me) will play the stupid adventurers and bohemians. Expatriates adapted, meanwhile, believe that expatriates twelve stars have no major behavior settlers who think only of their money, who have no idea what China.


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