Guizhou travel

ay is, I begin this article with the story of my recent trip to China. Did I say “my” trip? “Our” trip of course! Because of course this trip I did not, but only with my cousin / friend mops China, Sandrine course;)

We must also believe that we have established a sort of little tradition every year for the Chinese New Year holidays, Sandrine’s cousin France Air France uses its miles patiently accumulated in the year to come visit her Céline cousin resident in China, and every 2, they leave en route to an unknown land in China.

And in general it is not sad! More than a journey, it is often an opportunity to real adventures! If we had started nicely last year by ten days in the capital this year we really are parties to the adventure in a land far megacities such as Beijing or Shanghai (in red): Guizhou (green ) and Guangxi (in yellow).

Shanghai-Guizhou is about 1800 km. But to be honest, at the beginning we planned to go further, in Yunnan (area west of Guizhou and Guangxi and). But on the advice of friends, we changed our idea at this time of the year, northern Yunnan and Sichuan, deemed most interesting are inaccessible because of the altitude.
So what is the Guizhou and Guangxi we headed to refuel scenery and meet many people say minorities in the region.

Put the cap is roughly what have limited our travel arrangements.

Having received advice from Marieke who went there last year, we did the day before our departure that 2 or 3 points on our journey. No hotel booked course, all will be decided on the spot or on the road … it is the true backpackers or you do not;]

Finally … so we have a guide that does not date too hands …
Our traveling companions were my friend that the Lonely Planet China 2005, and the Blue Guide China South East (dating a little more) Sandrine, although sometimes a bit overwhelmed, we still gave good road tracks to follow.
Thank you to them!

Especially this destination there was nothing like Beijing. Instead of making us once and for all in a city and visit what was around, this time it was indeed a touring trip. We expected not to stay more than 2 nights in the same hotel, and we had to go to Guiyang, our first step, the capital of Guizhou, Guangxi Yangshuo.

But as you will read later,), is would have been too easy!
To change as well, we are not parties after the festivities of the Chinese New Year (January 29 this year) as we wisely did last year, but in the preceding fortnight, full Chunyun?? !
That’ll teach me to be too impatient to go on vacation … This little detail of dates had some influence on our program but also our meetings, and finally, it is also the charm that made our trip giving everything … spicy!

So, finally you put water in the mouth. I could not resist the urge to grind my Photoshop to make you a little map of our journey.

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