May trips

I announced in the last post just before our departure, it is by plane we Guiyang rallied from Shanghai. But one – it was not like it that I considered to arrive in Guiyang, and 2 – just buy these tickets, this is a fantastic adventure in its own right, as I begin to get used to when it comes to travel during the New Year holiday …

And yes, we were not yet parties that already, 春运 Chunyun (= period before and after the Chinese New Year) would play tricks on us …

Objective: 34h train

In order to save money and try it at least once, Sandrine and I wanted to make the trip from Shanghai to Guiyang by train. As you follow diligently, you say, “bah, last year, you’ve already tested the long-term process, with berths and all the fuss!” Except that this time there, the journey lasted 12 hours ONLY, What a joke. Shanghai-Guiyang is 34 hours by train! Not that the distance is much greater, especially as this is Shanghai-Guiyang is joined by a K112, K as Kuai which means not really fast either, while Shanghai and Beijing, it is Z8, Z as “too damn fast Zuper” or “Zui kuai” maybe “fastest”.

So it is full of motivation that I went a week in advance small window of train tickets Minhang I now know well the employees. Since galèèèèèères (1), (2) and (3) last year, I have come a long way! So now before you go, I know where to look on the internet to find train schedules and ticket prices for classes, and even the detailed route 2060 km of line if I want.

Newsflash practice: a look at (in Chinese only) to find all the info. Against by the Chinese railway is not the station. Impossible to book online (where then tell me how!), So it is necessary to take his little legs to go buy a ticket …

And queue again … for … 2:30 … finally arriving, completely refrigerated in the lair of the wicket, and presented very proud of his little information about paper tickets you want, and everything … and be heard to say: ” oh no, sorry, but here I have one more. ”

Crestfallen … … … crestfallen crestfallen …
How they do it one more, but you can not buy the tickets 9 days in advance at this time of year (still one of the wonders of the Chunyun …), was in J-8 therefore there must not abuse?! Could it be that all Chinese are traveling in soft bed, 65 euros tickets anyway?
“Iron Sunday in 5 days, I might have.” It’s weird I like déjà vu …:


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