Memorie of chinese trips

Good, and although it is grated economies and experience the 34 hours by train. Perhaps we have more chance to return? Meanwhile, back in my room (yes because besides the hotel being full campus due to exams and no dorm room was available, we did a little camping in my very tiny dorm room with the complicity of ayis, Sandrine is meanwhile become my big sister, congratulations Dad! “Ayi Bangzhu or” = “” Ayi help you, “ah … my girlfriends – end of digression), passage plan B: buy tickets, quick! No way to drag in Shanghai, experience is not the best time weather perspective …
Plan B: plane

So the second trick and flash practical info, always plans to travel to China on the Internet: site, with an English version is not too bad too!
In addition to the services of hotel booking, the site provides information on all flights to China, and … and … and … even to book and pay online or to take delivery and pay delivery, not to mention the loyalty program to earn points and get discounts!

But back to the point of interest. Flight Shanghai Hongqiao – Guiyang for Jan. 17 no problem, a flight at 12:05, not early in the time you wake up well, arrival at 14:30, perfect for time to find a hotel. Subject to 40% discount, and including airport taxes, we’re doing for 1050 yuan per ticket, gulp, a little more expensive than the train anyway …

So much so that we were going to have to withdraw money from the distributor. Ah, will take delivery and pay cash to avoid all this banking commission, if we knew …
At first we thought not being able to book these tickets at all, due to overwork on the site, and yes it is the period. To believe in an accumulation of schkoumoune, but it was still nothing. Abandoned after a few minutes my computer vexed, ctrip calls me despite crash computer reservation is passed, we will be delivered at home, for a small surcharge of 40 yuan, because it is far Minhang what we knew that cool … OK! The horizon brightens? Hmm, not for long.
The final obstacle: the ATM

Second mission, the distributor. The campus has 2 that accept Visa and only two other Chinese maps. Sandrine is the first DAB Visa, problem, impossible to remove. The second is simply down. Never mind, I can lend him money by removing my purse: oops, actually I already had to remove it, I’ll spare you the intricate details, the fact remains that instead of 1100 yuan my account no longer showed 40.15 yuan (important to remember for the rest of the trip). Of course the other DAB will a deaf ear to the Visa Sandrine. So we start looking for other ATMs outside the campus. First idea, Auchan! But no time to lose, we have before us more than an hour before the delivery, and I do not think the motorbike courier accepts Visa …

So we take each of our credit card to be sure to remove it. But guess what, Auchan, on DAB 2 up, 2 ATMs out of service, presumably during notes: the Chinese who travel, they must they pay for them with their liquid notes, because it stop does not accept either … Anyway, here it really starts to make a lot.
I might add that this time I was supposed to finish with my revisions for my part the next day afternoon, and with all these stories, and others that I give you [yes, critical period this weekend end mid-January], I barely had time to open my book. Let me tell you that I started to stress a very very little bit!

Auchan outputs, while schkoumoune no end to fall, we get into a QQ already considering having to return the courier being unable to pay, no anything. Suddenly, a miracle: a bank hid behind a bush! I signaled the driver to take us there, I do wait time to get the checker to accept the DAB Visas: this is good, we will be able to withdraw money! Finally do not cry victory too soon, there are still three people in front of us, and each taking pleasure in systematically remove 2 times 1000 yuan, the classic withdrawal limit. Sandrine passes his card … suspense … we’re not even sure that it will pass … ah! noise saving device that comes out tickets! That’s it! We can pay for our tickets, our journey finally materializes!


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