The Last problem, and not the smallest

Finish line: the messenger

Another QQ us back, I have time to turn a few pages of my book, ready to leap to call the courier. It should not be too late, we’re having dinner with friends tonight!
18:30, still no call, oh it’s not true … I still considering plans to wait for the courier twisted one and join my friends after, but it’ll still be a pain! We leave the room not to make them wait at the place of rendezvous, already hurtled floor when a bell rang: my phone! I quickly rises 4-4, opens with a bang and meets all the breathless messenger had happened: “It’s okay, it happens”. Ah that emotions!

Finally we are at the entrance of the university in the process of giving our big bundles of 100 yuan in big guy on his motorcycle jacket, my friends who had just arrived strangely feel that we were to conclude some illegal deal, weird right? We check our tickets, everything is ok, not the messenger finished recount over, and guess what? He forgot the premium distance, and we … well we forgot to remind him that we are bad girls
And we were able to treat us to Simply Thai in Xintiandi calmly, though still a little stressed in my case, but hey, crisis management it begins to know me, we will make revisions early in the morning …


As expected our tickets!
The effect bag, the effect laowai

Tuesday morning and that’s how I went for the first time at the airport Shanghai Hongqiao (SHA) for my first domestic flight in China, in fact my first domestic flight short. Yep, Paris-Shanghai was my first flight, what the class:]

To get to Hongqiao, first QQ with our big bags of freshly purchased two hikes Décath to many thousands of miles from each other, then subway to Xinzhuang, and still our little sensation, the And finally what effect bag taxi to the airport, there’s no small savings! Hongqiao course it is very small compared to Pudong, it does not prevent the brasserie offers its Xianrou Caifan (咸肉 菜饭) 10 times more expensive than university restaurant … time to make us 2 cards frequency our company, Air China, a ride on the tarmac, and we are well established.

After the bag effect, the effect laowai. We are the only naturally foreign to be quite crazy to fly to Guiyang, however, we appreciate the efforts of the crew speak English just for us Oh no English newspaper makes me one sign, too bad …

The flight went well, and contrary to what I was told, no Chinese spit or eat badly. Flight calm, quiet, a little too hot maybe, but we were not going to complain about the sun anyway!

Finally the time for us to carefully browse our travel guides, and develop a frame path to lead us to Yangshuo and return to Guiyang seeing a maximum of picture postcard scenery and minority villages so special. As we already know, because we want to take the train to go back and live the oh so rewarding experiences 34 hours of train, we will take the train from Guiyang, because there is only there that we can buy tickets in time (because we did not 2 times to us).

10 yuan to get on the shuttle that takes us from the airport Guiyang (KWE) to the railway station. It is we in Guiyang, in Guizhou, it’s gone for two weeks of life for backpacker!

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