guangxi china

We arrived in the city of Guiyang in mid-afternoon. From there, our first destination was to go to the railway station: we wanted to take the train back to Shanghai, so we had to buy our tickets at the earliest, not to be again forced to fly.

On the plane we had carried from Shanghai to Guiyang in fact, we were able to set a path for around fifteen days we wanted to go in the area. Basically we thought to loop encompassing the region between Guiyang and Yangshuo, Guilin south, thus including the southeastern Guizhou and northwestern Guangxi, with a string of minority villages in points steps. (See map to locate).

Unfortunately, the program had to be revised …
Act obliges series, station, impossible to book on 17 January a ticket for January 30 (just to be in Shanghai on February 1st, the anniversary of Sandrine!), But it is of course Chunyun is! To purchase a ticket for the January 30 departure station Guiyang, “Iron 21” I was told. But of course! Except that we were thought to be already far on 21, maybe a few hundred miles away, not too far from the border of Guangxi example …
Well, then we leave empty-handed, with the impression that it will not serve much to large blueprints of our journey too far ahead or risk losing just our time.

Mission # 2: find a hotel.
This is the period of leave, although it is a monstrous mess for transport, but it is a godsend for hotel rooms! Because if the Chinese move is primarily to visit their families, resulting in hotels are usually almost empty. We can negotiate!
Finally the first we tried to input a discount on the proposed price. 168 yuan for something not super folichon … When I ask to lower the employee refuses. It does not prevent us from leaving, too bad for her, we’ll look elsewhere.
Back near the train station, we pass in front of the hotel that faces it, the Tongda Fandian 通达 饭店, a large building of modern architecture. We enter heartedly, but imagine that the hotel offered just a promotion on doubles! 158 yuan per night for the hotel opposite the railway station and bus lines and quite correct. Banco!


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