Guangxi again and again :-)

n order to enjoy the time we had left before nightfall, once in our room, we hasten to browse our guides to see what we could do in the city. Not really particular site not to be missed, so we go for a walk in the city, just to take the pulse of Guiyang, capital of Guizhou Province.
A statue of Mao, unique architecture, and a “monument” already seen housing a supermarket, nothing really exciting indeed …


Even the promising market had simply been destroyed, razed to some future constructions obviously, but still squatted in some houses ready to collapse it still contained.

Fortunately, our random detours we found quays dotted with small parks, and quite pleasant at night …
But what we chose came with the lunch

This is one of the peculiarities of Guiyang city full of small stalls, markets, where people used to come and buy them dinner and especially eating out in one of the tents for the night along streets.
In any case, going back to the People’s Square to the station, we found whole files. And it was not private!
Preferring to avoid the pigs feet and other tails (probably) dog, we délectées potatoes sautéed peck on toothpick (1 yuan / share), skewers of mutton in Xinjiang (1 yuan / bunch) soups and ravioli (3 yuan / share), etc …

A very warm and lively streets. We took the opportunity to refuel fruit and biscuits (weight, 2 yuan 6) for our breakfast the next day.

Small English language exchange / Xinjianghua (dialect Xinjiang region in the extreme north-western China) with vendors mutton kebabs around their mini barbecue. So here it is: “Hello” in Xinjianghua, it says “Seumeseu” I finally transcribed like that. Since, wanting to impress my seller skewers Minhang, I learned that “goodbye” is said “(r) Oich” in the ladle. It may still be useful for a future mop in Xinjiang

The discovery of the evening for me was small buns heated grill. There’s just one vendor with his wife who is like that, they travel only on the immediate surroundings of the station. Others found everywhere have nothing to do with.
The fact that it is heated grill and browned bun as it gave the consistency and taste closest to the hot bread, everything that I have tasted in China. Once hot, the dealer is a slot in the bun and to catch what you want from the choices available for the 1 yuan bun. I opted for sugar and peanuts or kinds of gears: hmmm troooooop it was good, I really enjoyed myself: P
(Sorry for the blurry photo, but I had to show you this!)

The last task of the evening was to find an internet cafe. You will see that throughout our stay I’ll need to regularly check my emails, research internship requires time … Find the first will be the image of our research cafés throughout the journey: everyone knows where it is, but it is so well hidden that it is quite difficult to find.
For the latter, after seeking information from 5-6 people maybe we débusquerons the end of a lane near our hotel situated below the level of the station forecourt, masked by large blackout curtains .
Meanwhile, we do offer a dozen homestays. No thank you! For tonight, as we can, we’ll get a good night warm, with a good shower and a comfortable bed … it could not last …

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