Story of my experiences in china landscape

After our mishap the day before, we had to concoct express a small program of visits in Guizhou in order to be returned to Guiyang for January 21. The second part of our trip will be to the south-east? So for these 3 days, we will set sail around Guiyang and western Guizhou!

The program for the 18th: a good sleeping in first! The end of semester in college and pre-trip adventures have left some marks on my sleep patterns and my eyes, we have to write our hotel enjoy:]

But not too much, time to observe the view from our room and engulf our breakfast stalls purchased the evening, we go to lunch with the idea in mind to head on Xiangzhigou a destination indicated in the Guide Bleu, northeast of Guiyang, in a region mysteriously left empty in my Lonely. A priori, it is a nice little place that promised natural scenery and horseback riding at about 1:15 bus, the ideal place to spend the afternoon and change the city of Guiyang polluted.

Information carefully graded according to the guide, we headed to the bus terminal No. 2 located right in front of our hotel to make us to another bus station in Guiyang, where we should be able to take the bus that would take us to Xiangzhigou.

But the thing was going to announce more difficult than expected …

1 yuan for the bus ticket, whatever the distance, so far no worries. I tell the driver where we want to go down, it would still be foolish to miss the stop. A few minutes later, we returned to the bus station indicated by the Blue Guide, the Yan’an Xilu, the Guiyang Ke Chezhan 贵阳 客车 站.

Towards the wicket, a quick glance at Table destinations … I see nothing that could decide Xiangzhigou good … we will ask the lady behind the counter information. This is where it became funny …


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